Comey controversy, Trump’s hypocrisy on terrorism

Comey controversy, Trump’s hypocrisy on terrorism


What a tumultuous week in the world of politics: James Comey testifies before a key Senate panel. The ousted FBI chief publicly accuses Trump of lying and efforts to undermine the Russia investigation.

The president fires back, calling the testimony a pack of lies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also forced to testify after he recused himself from the Russia probe. Can Trump survive the Russia controversy?

Gunmen launch a brazen assault in Tehran. The attacks spark global condemnation. But, the US president blames the victim, suggesting Iran brought the attacks on itself. Ironically the assault is claimed by Daesh  the very terror organization President Trump has vowed to defeat.

And on the diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf; the Trump administration sides with the Saudis and accuses Qatar of financing terrorism. An economic blockade is put in place with potential humanitarian consequences.


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