DJ Khaled crashes a college graduation ceremony

Image: Rich Fury/Getty Images for VH1

On Thursday, University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Statistics students were ready to celebrate their graduation as one normally does: armed with straight faces and prepared to sit through a very boring ceremony. 

Except DJ Khaled had other plans. The mogul — you know, the one with the keys — surprised the class of 2017 with a performance of his 2010 hit “All I Do Is Win.” 

Soon after his performance (which included a sneaky selfie), Khaled addressed the students. 

“I didn’t come out here to do a concert, I came here to praise the young kings and queens for graduating today,” he said. “This is amazing. I didn’t graduate myself, so this is the closest thing to graduation for me too.” 

Come for the performance, stay for the statistics majors attempting to put their hands in the air. 

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