Flight passenger burned when headphone electric battery explodes mid-flight

Flight passenger burned when headphone electric battery explodes mid-flight

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A woman’ s battery-operated headphones exploded on the flight from Beijing to Melbourne, leaving her with a blackened encounter and singed hair. Australian authorities have warned of the dangers associated with batteries on flights as a result.

The unnamed woman had been listening to music on her battery-operated earphones on a flight in February. 2 hours into the flight, the traveler, who had fallen asleep, noticed a loud explosion and experienced a burning sensation on her encounter.

“ As I visited turn around I felt burning upon my face, ” she stated. “ I just grabbed my encounter which caused the headphones to visit around my neck. ”

“ I continued in order to feel burning so I grabbed all of them off and threw them on the ground. They were sparking and had small amounts associated with fire, ” the woman said. The particular battery and its cover had dissolved into the floor of the airplane. The girl suffered burns on her hand, throat and face.

“ As I went to stamp my feet on them the flight attendants had been already there with a bucket associated with water to pour on them, ” she said. “ They put all of them into the bucket at the rear of the plane. ”

Those onboard the particular flight were “ coughing plus choking the entire way home, ” due to the smell of burned tresses and melted plastic, the traveler explained.

The Aussie Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) evaluated the device and determined that the electric batteries likely caught fire.

According to ATSB, batteries should be held in carry-on luggage and not examined bags. If a smartphone or some other battery-operated device falls between the spaces of the seats, passengers are suggested not to move their seats plus contact a member of the cabin team if they are unable to locate the device.


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