Hon Walter Mzembi deposits his formal nomination papers as a candidate for that post of Secretary General from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

Hon Walter Mzembi deposits his formal nomination papers as a candidate for that post of Secretary General from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)


At a short ceremony held the Madrid Head office of the United Nations World Tourism Company (UNWTO) at 20. 00 hrs on Saturday 4 March 2017, Dr Walter Mzembi, the Africa Union-endorsed candidate for the post associated with Secretary General of the UNWTO, transferred his official nomination papers with all the incumbent Secretary General, Dr Taleb RIfai.

Although the deadline day for the deposit of the papers is certainly midnight on the 11 March, 2017, Dr Mzembi decided to detour by means of Madrid at the beginning of his current strategy outreach programme, to lodge the particular requisite documentation directly with the Admin General a week before the agreed cut-off date.

Witnessing the particular occasion was Dr Mzembi’ t wife, Mrs Barbara Perez Hernandez, the wife of the incumbent Admin General, Mrs Rifai, the UNWTO Legal Counsel, Ms Elcia de Grandcourt, UNWTO Regional Director for The african continent and members of Dr Mzembi’ s campaign team.

The documentation submitted by Doctor Mzembi included an official nomination notice signed by His Excellency Chief executive R. G. Mugabe, a 2-page curriculum vitae, a-6-page Statement of Plan and Management Intent and an Accreditation of Sound Health.

The core document of the distribution is the 6-page Statement of Plan and Management – which generally sets out the vision Dr Mzembi, as Secretary General, has for future years development of global tourism under the coverage of the UNWTO.
That eyesight is all-encompassing in nature, demonstrates Dr Mzembi’ s ambitious 10-Point Plan for the reform and restoration of the Organisation and provides a clear road-map signposting how he intends to achieve the targets articulated in that Strategy.

Key elements of their reform agenda, as highlighted in the Statement of Policy and Administration Intent, include

• Administrative and Governance Reform from the Organisation
• Responsible Travel and leisure and Sustainability
• Source Mobilisation and Business Development, plus
• Organisational Repositioning plus Brand Development

Within receiving the official nomination documentation, Admin General Rifai thanked Dr Mzembi for making the effort to personally down payment the requisite paperwork, congratulated your pet on his impressive campaign effort up to now and wished him well within the forthcoming election.

The particular election of a new Secretary Common will take place during the course of the forthcoming 105th meeting of the UNWTO Executive Authorities which is scheduled to be held within Madrid, Spain, from 11 in order to 12 May, 2017.

To date, in addition to Dr Mzembi, you will find four other candidates who have formally declared their candidature for the Admin General post.

They may be Mrs Doh Young-shim of the Republic of (South) Korea, Ambassador Gurab Poloshikavili of the Republic of Atlanta, Mr Marcio Favilla Luca sobre Paula of Brazil and Mister Alain St Ange of the Seychelles.

The election is going to be conducted by secret ballot. In order to win, a candidate requires a 50%-plus-1tally through the Executive Council members present plus voting. If all 33 people of the Executive Council are present plus voting, this means that a candidate needs to safe a minimum of 17 votes in order to earn the election.

Rising from the election, therefore , will be a Secretary-General-elect. The Chairperson of the Executive Authorities will then submit the name of the winning applicant – the Secretary-General elect – for endorsement by the next UNWTO General Assembly which is scheduled to happen in Chengdu, China, in Sept, 2017. That endorsement requires a two-thirds majority of the UNWTO members existing and voting.

The newest Secretary General will take up the posting on 1 January, 2018 and can serve a 4-year mandate till 31 December 2021. That require is renewable once, for a more four-year period.

Pursuing the submission of his nomination documents, Dr Mzembi left Madrid just for Ghana where, as part of His Excellency President Mugabe’ s entourage, he or she attended the 60th Anniversary Festivities of Ghanaian independence.

Dr Mzembi held a zwei staaten betreffend meeting with his Ghanaian counterpart, Hon Catherine Afeku – Minister associated with Tourism, Culture and the Creative Artistry – to discuss the strengthening associated with cooperation in the field of tourism between the 2 countries on the basis of an MoU which usually, they agreed, should be finalised as quickly as possible.

six March 2017

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