IATA pays a visit to Turkish Air carriers

IATA pays a visit to Turkish Air carriers

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Defined as a foundation of the aviation industry, Turkish Air carriers consistently continues to invest in vocational education-training.

Serving as the training centre of the global carrier; ‘ European Aviation Academy (TAA)’ was first started to meet training needs of European Airlines’ staff . But after a little while it began to serve to whole Turkey as well as lots of global representatives of industry, as a result of the great performance that it demonstrated in years. Today it is constantly on the successfully offer a wide range of training courses inside the industry.

  Last year, Turkish Airlines Modern aviation Academy (TAA) successfully delivered 53 IATA courses to over 800 learners in Istanbul, and it was named IATA’ s leading Worldwide Local Training Partner for 2016. Furthermore, the Academy plans to deliver 40+ courses in 2017 also, simply by offering professional training and advancement courses to airlines and the broader air transport supply chain employees. Thus, aviation professionals from all over the world will be benefitting from IATA’ s global vision and encounter in the air transport industry and TAA’ s expertise in providing revolutionary and pioneering training programs within 2017 as well.

  In order to appreciate this particular successful performance of the Academy, IATA’ s European Regional Vice Chief executive, Mr. Rafael Schvatzman made a trip of courtesy to the Deputy Leader and CEO of Turkish Air carriers, Mr. Bilâ l Ekş we at the Headquarters of the carrier, plus presented an award in this link.

  “ The impressive achievements from the TAA highlight the organization’ h strong commitment to developing the continuing future of our industry by reaching out to the following generation leaders. The Academy’ part in the students’ success and in the particular promotion of IATA Training Applications in the region is crucial and sets TAA apart as a Premier Training Middle. ” said Rafael Schvartzman.

  Agreeing to the award on behalf of the flight Bilâ l Ekş i mentioned; “ This award is very important meant for Turkish Airlines who considers professional education-training as the primary element of stablizing and success within the industry. I would like to thank to our devoted TAA group, our huge family and also our own sectoral partner, IATA who demonstrated their courtesy by awarding our own carrier in this regard. ”


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