Magnificent show for Lufthansa’s new A350-900

Magnificent show for Lufthansa’s new A350-900

The new A350-900 was provided to the public today in Munich with a spectacular light show plus an official unveiling ceremony in the Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich) Technik Hangar.

The media show with light projections served as a 10-minute “ fireworks”. In the presence of 2, 1000 employees and guests, the world’ s most advanced long-haul aircraft has been then christened and named right after city of Nuremberg.

The particular Senior Mayor of Nuremberg, Doctor Ulrich Maly, took on the function of the aircraft’ s ‘ godfather’. There were also speeches from Carsten Spohr, CEO of the Lufthansa Team, and from the Bavarian Finance Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Dr Markus Sö der, Doctor Michael Kerkloh, CEO of Munich Airport and Thomas Enders, TOP DOG of Airbus. “ With the A350-900 we introduce our 2-liter navy, a milestone in our fleet technique as its entry into service scars a generational change on long-haul routes”, Carsten Spohr says in the address.

Self-service region in Business Class

Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich) is offering its Business Class travellers a service which can be used at any time between regular meal slots. In a newly-designed self-service area, passengers will within future be able to simply help by themselves to snacks and drinks. They are going to of course still be able to order beverages from their seats from the cabin team staff if they prefer.

New seats in Economy Course

The A350-900 also offers more comfortable seating for passengers throughout the economy Class section. The seats, that have been supplied by manufacturer Zodiac Seats, have got special ergonomically-formed seat upholstery, plus there is also more space for the storage space of personal effects. Various shades associated with blue have been chosen for the seats, gradually getting lighter towards the middle of the cabin.

On-board entertainment

The on-board entertainment system on the A350-900 can also be leading edge in its range of options. Initially, passengers can make a selection from the on-board program from home before setting off and may then add their favorite items to a playlist. To make use of this facility, passengers must download the “ Lufthansa Friend App” onto their own tablet or even mobile phone. The on-board program can be obtained up to six weeks in advance. Once aboard, passengers then synchronize their private favorite playlists with the screen ahead of the seat, and they also have the option of utilizing their own mobile device as a 2nd screen.

Arrive at your own destination feeling better rested – more comfortable cabin pressure and a modern lighting concept

In 5. 6 meters wide, the particular cabin of the new Airbus much more spacious than comparable models of aircraft, offering passengers the feeling of having a more ample amount of space. Thanks to the particular structure of the A350-900, cabin pressure throughout the flight is more comfortable, meaning that people reach their destination feeling much better rested. The cabin pressure is going to be similar to the air pressure at an elevation of 1, 800 meters instead of two, 400 meters in a comparable plane. The effect is further enhanced via a novel LED lighting system. Because the first airline worldwide to do so, Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich) is using a range of different light configurations on board the A350-900, which are made to fit in with the day and night-time tempo of the passengers.

Since 10 February, Lufthansa will be stationing the first ten Airbus A350-900 plane in Munich. The first destinations is going to be Delhi and Boston. The airplane will have room for 293 people – 48 in Business Class, twenty one in Premium Economy and 224 in Economy Class. The A350-900 is the world’ s most advanced and many environmentally friendly long-haul aircraft. It uses 25 % less kerosene, produces 25 percent less emissions and is significantly quieter upon take-off than comparable types of aircraft.