Main Canadian airlines confirm safety methods in place for flight crews

Main Canadian airlines confirm safety methods in place for flight crews

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Canada’ s Transport Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Marc Garneau asked all air carriers operating in Canada to confirm their own safety protocols are up-to-date, which includes measures designed to confirm pilots’ physical fitness to fly.

This is a criminal offense in Canada for a trip crew to work within eight hrs of consuming alcohol or whilst under the influence. All Canadian air carriers must follow the Canadian Aviation Rules (CARs) to ensure they operate securely. Transport Canada sets and enforces these regulations; it is the airline’ s i9000 responsibility to ensure that their employees stick to them.

The top 8 major Canadian airlines have all given that confirmed that they have proper safety methods in place to deal with alcohol and medication testing. This represents 90 percent of passengers carried by Canadian air operators.

Canada’ s largest passenger air carriers are required to have a Safety Management Program (SMS) in place to help them determine safety risks before they turn out to be bigger problems and ensure that protection is part of their day-to-day lifestyle. This includes having proper procedures in position to make sure pilots are fit in order to fly.

Transport Europe is tracking the information requested simply by Minister Garneau to guide discussions on the Fit to Fly Workshop within June 2017.
The purpose of this particular workshop is to:

• Raise awareness on the importance of worker assistance programs;

• Provide information on practical methods of promoting a proper workforce;

• Create networks for information-sharing and relationships;

• Provide wellness services information; and

• Discuss the topic of random alcoholic beverages and drug testing.


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