Russia vows to send wheat to crisis-stricken Venezuela

Russia vows to send wheat to crisis-stricken Venezuela


Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, left, speaks to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting after the World Energy Congress, in Istanbul, Turkey, October 10, 2016. (Photo by AP)

Russia has vowed to send several thousand tons of wheat each month to Venezuela in order to help ease the food shortage in the Latin American country.

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that President Nicolas Maduro had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who informed his Venezuelan counterpart of the food delivery.

Venezuelans face hardships in buying flour at regular grocery stores and have to turn to the black market or state-run stores and wait in long lines for the commodity.

The Maduro administration has been under fire for the economic and political decisions it has made. Protests have intensified over the president’s latest decision to have a new constitution.

Opposition supporters hold sit-ins and set up roadblocks in protest. Maduro is accused by the opposition of attempting to strengthen his hold on power.

The latest wave of unrest initially erupted in early April, when the Supreme Court stripped the opposition-controlled parliament of its powers. Although the decision was later revoked, protests have continued.

The government rejects the allegation and says the protests are incited by the Unites Stated to remove the president from power.


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