The ability Of Tourism And Global Oneness


Mel Webster, Special to WorldTourismWire

The 2016 ALL OF US election results are still reverberating internationally, regardless where in the world one
resides. One interesting lesson discovered from the recent US Presidential political election race is
assuming a good outcome before the votes are measured is not prudent.

An extremely different and perhaps more thoughtful selection is about to take place in Madrid, The country of spain.
In an era of worldwide turbulence and troubled times, with individuals looking for stability, unity and
responsible solutions, the role from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is
more critical than in the past. With the upcoming UNWTO general political election of a new Secretary
Common, seven candidates have been nominated to develop on the considerable successes of
outgoing Secretary General, Dr . Taleb Rifai.

From the Republic of Korea, Ambassador Dho Young-Shim, with a remarkable career in travel and leisure,
is a candidate with ethics, perspective, and balance to provide brand new leadership of the UNWTO
within uncertain times.

Dho Young-Shim is endorsed by the Republic of Korea, a country that will vigilantly safeguards and
beliefs ethics, integrity and honesty, specifically at the highest levels of government. Since it has
been clearly exhibited with the recent impeachment of Chief executive Park.

Dho Young-Shim, with an impeccable and lengthy history of championing and
implementing genuine sustainable tourism, is receiving support through diverse regions of the
entire world. As a side note, since the inception, UNWTO has never elected a good Asian representative or
feminine to the helm of the organization.

To move beyond standard applicant campaigning rhetoric, Dho Young-Shim layed out why she
wants to get around the UNWTO through challenging, otherwise choppy global waters.

“ I grew up in a nation that wasn’ t yet created as it is today. I worked for each opportunity
to become a better individual, to learn, to earn an training and to contribute to my country’ h
development and growth. They are hopes common to people in all areas of the world. I have
enormous empathy for anyone who struggles to put meals on their table or to get a good
education. Through the power associated with tourism we can authentically help people reside better lives.

Eco friendly tourism is not a buzzword, this is a very real duty. I have caused it to be my life’ s work because of
my humble background. I have already been there. I want to bring UNWTO in order to new heights, building
at the legacy received. ” noted Dho Young-Shim.

Dho Young-Shim has nominated Spanish national Carlos Vogeler as her running companion.
Both Carlos Vogeler plus Dho Young-Shim have extensive encounter working with the UNWTO,
Vogeler is a current Executive Director exceeding three decades in the global tourism
sector. Combined they bring amazing depth of skills and knowing within an industry
and to a global that needs inclusive, cohesive leadership.

In a recent paper UNWTO provided an overview of the primary required the Secretary
General place, emphasizing the importance of increasing membership through tourism
destinations not presently participating in the UNWTO. These nations include USA,
Singapore, Uk, Sweden, New Zealand and other main tourism destinations.
” I actually firmly believe there is great power in unity. UNWTO’ s primary foundation embodies unity
by means of tourism. There is also a duty of obligation when tourism is a major financial driver
within a country. Getting more nations into the UNWTO, uniting together, we can make very
real, measurable differences globally. ” said Dho Young-Shim.

Voting for the new Secretary Common of the UNWTO will take place in This town
May 11, 2017, along with seven candidates on the ballot. Giving the reins over to a new Admin
General is a large obligation in the capable hands of voting members of UNWTO. It is
reasonable to believe the voting associates will read between the lines associated with candidate campaign
trail soundbites and maneuvers in the press whilst jockeying for the highly sought-after place.
The global tourism industry in general requires a thoughtful election to take place the following month.
Turning away from narratives that not authentically behoove global travel and leisure interests, while
embracing fresh new perspectives that will bring people jointly for the greater good is vital for your
stability of tourism within turbulent times.

“ We need more genuine leadership on earth, not divisiveness. The power of travel and leisure is
enormous. Uniting jointly we can bring about change to this earth of ours, all while completely
supporting stakeholders. With oneness comes strength. ” said Dho Young-Shim.

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