Tourists flock to Phanom Rung for amazing sunrise

Tourists flock to Phanom Rung for amazing sunrise


Tourists take photos as the sunrises through all 15 doorways in alignment at the Phanom Rung ruin in Chalerm Phrakiat district of Buri Ram on Monday. (Photo by Surachai Piraksa)

BURI RAM – About 1,000 tourists packed Phanom Rung on Monday morning to see a rare sight, the rays of the rising sun passing through all 15 doorways of the ancient ruin – and were not disappointed.

The sunrise shone through all 15 doorways at the old Khmer temple in Chalerm Phrakiat district  for the first time this year, for seven minutes.

Foreign and local visitors had gathered to see the stunning effect.

Tourists wait for the sunrise at the Phanom Rung ruin on Monday. (Photo by Surachai Piraksa)

Phanom Rung Historical Park chief Wasant Thepsuriyanont said the same phenomenon can be seen on Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week, and then visitors will have to wait until Sept 8-10 for the next opportunity.

The park chief hoped the weather over the next two mornings will remain clear for other visitors hoping to enjoy it.

The sunset shone through all the doorways in the opposite direction last month, and will not occur again until Oct 6-8.

Phanom Rung was built as a Hindu religious site more than 1,000 years ago. It is one of the main attractions in Buri Ram.

The structure was designed to catch the rays of the sun shining through all 15 portals of the temple at the same instant, both at sunrise and sunset. These solar events occur annually approximately 14 days either side of the equinoxes in March and September.

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