'The road trip state': WA's new tourism campaign revealed

'The road trip state': WA's new tourism campaign revealed

WA will market itself as ‘The Road Trip State’ as part of the state’s new multi-million dollar tourism strategy.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia revealed the new campaign, which will be advertised across nine countries and broader Australia, on Radio 6PR on Friday morning.



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“What [the campaign does] is it takes what might have been perceived as our greatest weakness -that is that we are a third of the continent, massive open spaces, small population spread a long way apart – and we turned that into a real strength, so we’re going to market that as a real positive,” he said.

“We’re going to sell a range of road trips right across the state – every region of the state, short ones, medium term ones and long road trips targeting all demographics.

“It’s attractive to retirees who have a bit of time on their hands, and also – a very important part of the market – those younger ones, those working holiday makers, those backpackers that we’ve had trouble with in recent times, so we’re looking to use this as a big boost to get people into the state and out to the regions.”