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1,000s of troops & ‘beautiful’ razor wire: US border reinforced before caravan approach (VIDEOS)

Sharp barbed wire fences are increasingly being erected across the US-Mexico border as a large number of US troops, supported by choppers and drones, prepare to repel what the country’s commander-in-chief called a looming migrant “invasion.”

The first coils of the razor-sharp fence were unwound near McAllen–Hidalgo–On Friday reynosa International Bridge crossing in Texas, following the first units of American soldiers deployed at the border started reinforcing the frontier against any potential breaches.

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The same fortification effort will soon start across other areas of the constant state in addition to in Arizona, and California. “We’ve concertina wire to hide to 22 miles already deployed enough, to the border already. We’ve additional concertina wire that people can string with over 150 miles available,” the top of the Northern Command, This week terrence O’Shaughnessy told reporters earlier.

The US commander-in-chief ordered over 5,the week to assist some 2 200 soldiers to be deployed at the southern border by the finish of, 000 National Guardsmen set up already. By Saturday, a lot more than 3,500 troops have been deployed, including about 1,000 Marines in California, the Pentagon said. Trump, however, said that the real number may be risen to 15,000 active US personnel if the original contingent isn’t enough.

Currently, two sets of migrants, in accordance with various estimates numbering around 6,500 people, families mainly, are heading towards the united states through Mexico. Meanwhile, a third caravan from El Salvador has been formed at the El Salvador-Mexico border reportedly. Concurrently, in accordance with military planning documents, a lot of the crowd might dissolve along their long journey to the united states.

While the united states still has hardly any intel concerning the composition of the migrant caravans, a proven way or another the White House plans to outmatch the real amount of potential illegals and, or even, suppress them with brutal force. Currently, Washington has allocated roughly exactly the same amount of troops it has focused on fighting Islamic State in Syria (2,000) and Iraq (5,000). And when 15,000 troops are deployed to the border, they’ll outmatch the amount of US forces currently fighting in Afghanistan (14,000 troops).

In addition to sheer numbers, the united states forces could have drones, helicopters with night-vision capabilities, and fixed-wing aircraft at their disposal to guarantee the success of the military operation. Donald Trump is apparently happy with the deployment up to now, noting the “beautiful” sight of barbed wire decorating the tranquil scenery of the Rio Grande’s crossing across the US-Mexico border.

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“We’ve our military on the border,” Trump said in Montana, while campaigning for the Republicans in hawaii before next week’s midterm election. “Today and I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire increasing, the barbed wire used could be a beautiful sight properly.”

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