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DES MOINES, Iowa – Around 54.thanksgiving week by either getting on the roads or in the air 3 million Americans plan to travel.

because of this week since 2005

The AAA and TSA said it’ll be the highest level of travel.

Iowa State Patrol  This week sergeant Nathan Ludwig said drivers are anticipated to speed more.

“On the five days of the Thanksgiving holiday, wednesday through Sunday what we call, we’ve seen our speed rise during the last 3 years. A whole lot of it really is influenced by upon the elements. This weekend and we have been still seeing people texting and driving we shall probably see more speeders. It’s a problem still,” Ludwig said.

during Thanksgiving week include Tuesday and Wednesday

According to AAA the busiest days to visit in the united states, having an average plane ticket costing over $500.

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Due to a rise in security lines the Des Moines AIRPORT TERMINAL is asking visitors to reach least 90 minutes before a flight.

The Des Moines AIRPORT TERMINAL advises visitors to plan ahead and&nbsp also;look up available parking spots before arriving to the airport.

Thanksgiving foods allowed as a carry-on to a plane include: a turkey, stuffing, cakes and pies.

Thanksgiving foods prohibited as a carry-on item include: mashed potatoes and gravy.

The TSA suggests waiting to wrap gifts until arriving to your destination. Agents may need to unwrap the things when they proceed through security.

on both Wednesday and Friday

Ludwig said travelers on the roads expect heavy traffic.

“Accidents up are. State Patrol, in comparison to this past year this time we have been up about 300 accidents that what we covered this past year at the moment. Most those accidents are related to speed and distracted driving,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig said a whole large amount of the distracted driving is from texting.

Ludwig suggests if drivers intend to travel out of state to check on the elements and pack a crisis kit if the car reduces.