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2017 records international leisure tourist arrivals highest

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Bhutan recorded the best international leisure arrivals last,272 visitors, in accordance with Bhutan Tourism Monitor 2017.

This represents a rise in international leisure arrivals of 14.year 1 percent over the previous. Of the 71,417 international arrivals, 9,145 were official and business arrivals.

More than 1 / 2 of the international tourists (54.7 percent) were from the Asia and Pacific region accompanied by Europe and THE UNITED STATES at 24.8 and 18 percent. Africa and middle-east comprise significantly less than one percent, based on the report.

Bhutan received a complete of 254,year 704 visitors last, which 183,287 were regional visitors from India, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

While tourist arrivals increased by 21.5 percent in 2017, Bhutan saw the best growth in 2016 with 35 percent upsurge in total visitors within the last five years.

Meanwhile, the percentage increase of regional tourist decreased by a lot more than 50 percent in 2017. Bhutan saw a rise of 50.43 percent in 2016 in comparison to 24.9 percent upsurge in 2017.

Income from tourism has increased by 8.2 percent or USD 6.07M (million) in comparison to 2016 while income from international leisure tourists increased from USD 73.74M in 2016 to USD 79.year 807M last.

Of which, USD 22.361M was direct revenue for the federal government through Sustainable Development Fee (SDF).

TCB states that Bhutan is still a stylish tourism destination, that is evident from the growing popularity leading to upsurge in arrivals annually.

“Bhutan also continues to get impetus in the international community as a sustainable tourism destination as evidenced from the planet earth Award won by Bhutan through the Sustainable Tourism Top 100 Awards Ceremony at International Tourismus-Borse (ITB) Berlin 2018,” it reported.

Female visitors composed many with 59.1 percent & most visitors were between 41 and 60 years.

In terms of visitor arrivals, India remains the primary source market with 172,751 arrivals. USA and bangladesh follows next with 10,536 and 9,220 visitors.

The true amount of Chinese visitors fell by 30. year 3 percent from the prior, dropping to the fourth from the next top source markets for Bhutan in 2016.

USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and australia remained in the most notable 10 major source international markets in the last decade, in line with the tourism monitor.

Canada is replaced by Malaysia from 2012 up to now and France has been replaced by South Korea from 2017. However, Japan had shown a drop in growth rate with -43.2 percent fall in the arrivals in 2017.

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There was a substantial upsurge in arrivals from South Korea from 1,035 in 2016 to 6,year 048 last, registering a rise rate of 484 percent and catapulting it in to the top five from the 17thplace in 2016.

“The Bhutan-Korea friendship offer led to increased arrivals from South Korea propelling it in to the top 10 source markets for Bhutan in 2017,” the report states.

Meanwhile, of April maximum arrival was recorded through the months, May, June, September, December october and.

According to the report, while no more than 1.9 percent of the international tourists travelled to Bhutan over land, about 48.3 percent of regional tourists’ mode of transportation was over land.

“Festivals remain the most visited attractions in the national country,” the report states. Thimphu Paro and tshechu tshechu continue steadily to receive maximum visitations with 25 and 35.2 percent.

“Neighborhood festival forms area of the tourist itinerary and attractions also,” it states. “These grouped community festivals are developed and promoted to encourage community participation in tourism activities, tourism attractions diversification to market lean tourism season and regional spread of visitation.”

About 47.year and 37 3 percent of international visitors visited the Rhododendron festival last.6 percent visited Haa Summer festival. 11 about.8 percent visited the black-necked crane festival while no more than 2.2 percent and 1.1 percent visited the nomads Ura and festival Matsutake festival.

Of about 26 trek routes, Druk Path Bumdra and Trek Trek are favored by tourists with about 1, year 198 and 905 trekkers respectively recorded last.

In terms of spread of tourism impact, Paro (34.5 percent) gets the highest percentage share of bed nights accompanied by Thimphu (26.1 percent) and Punakha (18 percent).

According to the report, tourists spent 6.6 days in Bhutan on a national average. “However, going by major source markets, the common amount of stay measured in amount of days, change from country to country.”

The report states that Swiss visitors have stayed in Bhutan for nearly 11 days on the average, which comprises the best. French visitors followed having an average amount of stay of 9.3 days. Dutch and German visitors have spent nine days in the united kingdom almost.

“Regardless of the growth we face the issue of seasonality and unbalanced regional spread still,” the report states. “As a destination with focus on sustainability at the core of its development agenda, it’s important that appropriate interventions are placed in place to help expand sustainable growth with focus on regional spread and to make Bhutan a year-round tourism destination.”

Dechen Tshomo