250km in 2 min: WATCH Russian frigate fire Kalibr missile during Black Sea drill

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The Admiral Essen, one of the most advanced frigates in the Russian Navy, took part in an exercise in the Black Sea which involved hitting a target over 250km away with its primary armament, the Kalibr cruise missile.

It took the projectile just 137 seconds to travel over 250km to its intended target on the shore and obliterate it, Zvezda TV reported, publishing footage of the test fire. The Kalibr missile family can be used by a wide range of naval platforms, and made its debut in actual combat during Russia’s counter-terrorism campaign in Syria.

The Admiral Essen, which was commissioned in 2016, fired its missiles at targets in Syria at least three times in 2017. It is the second ship of the relatively new Admiral Grigorovich class of guided missile frigates.

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