3 European Countries To Consider Spending Your Year Abroad In

, 3 European Countries To Consider Spending Your Year Abroad In, TravelWireNews | World News

Taking a year abroad has become a popular choice for students looking to experience new cultures and meet new people during their time at university. There are many funding options for students keen to take this unique opportunity and spend a year learning in Europe, a continent that has varied cultures and many different experiences to be had. From the cold Nordic countries through to the sunny Mediterranean, there’s something to suit everyone in Europe, making it the ideal continent to consider if you’re keen to take a year abroad during your university studies.

For students who do want to study in Europe there are a lot of countries to choose from, each with its own benefits. Here’s three countries that are perfect for those looking to study in a new country and immerse themselves in local culture.


Renowned for Ikea and ABBA, Sweden has a rich history and a diverse culture, making it perfect for students that want to study in Scandinavia during their year abroad. This open-minded country is welcoming to everyone and dedicated to making sure that every new arrival feels at home, making it an incredibly safe country for anyone from around the world. Whilst it is known to be expensive to live in Sweden, there are many reasons why studying in the country can be great for students that want to explore their creative side and see more of Northern Europe.


With a warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine, Portugal is the perfect country for those looking to soak up the sun as they study. The country has a range of universities designed to suit any student, with varied facilities and specialisms so that you can select the perfect location for your year abroad. The country has many opportunities and facilities to suit students so that you’ll be in safe hands and good company if you choose to study in Portugal. Companies like Collegiate offer premium student accommodation throughout the country, meaning that whichever university you attend you can study in style. If you want to live comfortably whilst you’re away from home, these options are worth looking at.


One of the most popular countries for students looking to study abroad, which boasts some of the world’s most academically accomplished universities, Germany is a great country for those that want to explore Europe. With its close proximity to a range of other countries, including France, Belgium and Austria, Germany is ideal for students that want to learn more about the diverse cultures of mainland Europe. From Bavaria, with its traditional values, through to cosmopolitan yet historically important cities like Berlin and Munich, the country has many different sights and experiences for intrepid students.

These three countries are great for students looking to spend a year exploring everything that Europe has to offer. Remember to do your research before you commit to studying abroad and take the time to find the perfect country, university and course to enhance your degree and make a real difference not just to your CV, but also your whole life.