3 questions for… Hemanth DP, key operating officer aero-commercial, GMR Hyderabad International Airport

3 questions for… Hemanth DP, key operating officer aero-commercial, GMR Hyderabad International Airport

In our normal Routes News series we have a look at the people that attend Routes activities and find out more about them, their work and the current industry issues affecting them.

In our normal Routes News series we take a look at individuals that attend Routes events and discover more about them, their jobs as well as the current industry issues impacting all of them. I n this issue all of us speak to  Hemanth DP, key operating officer aero-commercial,
packages and Asia Pacific Flying College, GMR Hyderabad  International Airport.

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Q) How has been World Routes  2016 for you?

“It was fascinating and  beneficial as we met a great deal of  airlines. Without Routes it could be  too difficult to meet all of them because  they are so spread out, plus it would  be too expensive to meet all of them one  by one.

“We have focused on educating  individuals about Hyderabad airport. They  are usually surprised about how well located  we have been as we are in the centre associated with India.   We can be a center, especially to the  south from the country, and if you are  getting in Hyderabad you can connect  to some very large central area too. It’ s an  opportunity that doesn’ t exist in any  various other part of India.

“We have been focusing on Europe’ s  air carriers as we do a lot of business with  them. More than 20% of our trade  comes from Asia, so that has been our  focus too.

“We also met with many airports,   as collaboration among them is very  important to promote routes to  air carriers. We can then work together  after we have a new route and  advertise it jointly. ”

Q) What opportunities are  readily available for travellers?

“As far as incoming business  vacationers are concerned, Hyderabad is  important for pharma, IT and aerospace,   using a number of manufacturers based  here, which includes Lockheed Martin,   Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, CFM,   Honeywell and Bombardier Aerospace.   Amusement travellers also enjoy the culture  available.

“We also have another asset –   we are the particular Indian film industry’ s  2nd biggest home after Mumbai  even though that is good for inbound  traffic additionally it is driving our outbound  market. For example, a lot of movies  are now getting chance abroad. If a  place shows up in the movies, it is  among the best publicity you can  get here because Indians watch a lot of  films and get to know the countries  exactly where they are shot. This encourages  travel and leisure to these locations.   China is an additional destination that we  know Indians are interested in as there  a number of places to see and it is only  5 hours away.

“Tourism boards play a major role  within developing tourism. Malaysia and  Dubai do a good job, but others have  the opportunity to do more. When  a lot more tourism boards get involved in  path development, it becomes even  better. It could be good see a lot more  visitor boards attending Routes events  and much more hospitality chains like the big  resort groups. ”

Q) Best and worst part  of the job?

“The best thing about  the job is the fact that when you  work for an open public asset  such as an airport, it is far from just an  office job – you are working for the  city as well as the region. The whole city  sees the particular airport as theirs and is proud  of it. When things go nicely, everyone  shares the success. It really is an honour to  work for this.

“The airport can also be an opportunity  to show the city in the best light as it  could be the first place visitors come to. It  will be the place where new visitors form  their first opinions; if the experience  is good and the security is fast, then  people say: “ Incredible, this is great. ”

“Airports bring in cargo, trade,   economic growth and jobs, therefore they  have a real impact on the particular local  economy and people. When you work  for an airport, you not only need to  know about the airport business but  also about all your clients’ businesses  as well. You need to know what is  taking place in the local, national and  global economic climate as well developments  around the world, so it provides huge  sense of satisfaction.

“It is also an  huge responsibility – if something  will go wrong, we are in the spotlight. It  is really a demanding job and it is 24/7.   Working for an airport is definitely a  busy and challenging job, however it is also  one of the most responsible, exciting  and fulfilling. ”

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