360-degree Virtual Reality Videos Promote Travel to Tokyo & Okayama, Japan

360-degree Virtual Reality Videos Promote Travel to Tokyo & Okayama, Japan

In addition to recommended location information, the site also suggests easy overnight trips from Tokyo to encourage travelers to venture beyond Tokyo to the Chugoku and Shikoku regions to experience more aspects of Japan. These two fascinating regions are particularly well-known throughout Japan for their historically significant sites as well as more contemporary cultural attractions.

Two immersive 360-degree virtual reality videos promote recommended locations in Okayama Prefecture, in Japan’s Chugoku region on the southern side of Honshu Island, as well as Tokyo:

  1. Garden/OKAYAMA features Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo) and Korakuen (Okayama);
  2. Night Walk/OKAYAMA features Golden Gai (Tokyo) and Kurashiki (Okayama).

Virtual Tours of Okayama Prefecture and Tokyo in 360-degree Virtual Reality Video: http://www.chushikokuandtokyo.org/virtualtour/?language=fr

(Photo: http://prw.kyodonews.jp/opn/release/201708174712/?images)

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CHUGOKU+SHIKOKU x TOKYO Website: http://www.chushikokuandtokyo.org/?language=fr

Pleasure Boats: After seeing the wonders of Tokyo by modern sightseeing boat on the Sumida River, take a trip to Kurashiki, an area that prospered under the rule of the Edo Shogunate (1603-1867). As you ride in a nostalgic rowboat, you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped back in time from Tokyo to the Edo Period.

Travel Information from Tokyo to All Regions: http://www.tourism-alljapanandtokyo.org/?lang=en

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SOURCE Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau