4 Benefits Of Booking Accommodation At Marriott Hotels

, 4 Benefits Of Booking Accommodation At Marriott Hotels, TravelWireNews | World News

With so many hotel accommodations to choose from, you may book one of the cheapest offers you’ll see. That may be a good deal, but have you considered the other benefits aside from saving some dollars?  You may think you’ve booked the best deal only to be dismayed during your stay.

Especially when you want to relax and unwind, getting the best accommodations should not only be dependent on the price. Hence, you should consider other factors so that you’ll thoroughly enjoy what you’ve booked.

Marriott Hotels, among other great hotel options, offer you everything you need off of a staycation. By staying in here, you’ll experience the following benefits:

1. Choose From Various Travel Packages

One of the best features of booking Marriott Hotels is their various travel destinations. From the Americas, to Asia, to Europe, and to other parts of the world, Marriott Hotels are there. Thus, they usually offer a hotel  + air package. You can redeem your points to book this specific package. Or, you can also use coupons to enjoy discounted promos, which you can find at Coupon Dad.  Depending on the reward points you’re able to get, you can avail of a seven-night accommodation plus a 55,000-mile air package, which means you can travel as far as that distance from where you currently are!

Other air mileage packages include 50,000 miles, 100,000 miles, and even 110,000 miles. So, if you want to experience a grand hotel accommodation during your vacation, feel free to use your points to book Marriott Hotels.

2. Enjoy Family- And Child-friendly Programs

Another benefit of booking a Marriott Hotel is that you get to enjoy its family- and child-friendly packages. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your travel with a bunch of kids!

Here are some amenities that Marriott Hotels offer for a group of family:

  • There are theme parks that kids can enjoy without getting their safety compromised.
  • Some Marriott hotels even have a play yard where your children can have fun with other kids. Or, if you’ve got a baby with you, you can ask for a crib.
  • If your family enjoys traditional ways of spending time together, you can do so in their picnic areas. Have some BBQ when you’re done playing in the waters.
  • Or, if you’re a geeky type of family, then book a Marriott hotel near historical monuments and museums, like that one in Washington, D.C. Such a location is close to educational spots.
  • Lastly, if you need babysitting services so you can enjoy a night out with your partner or friends, fret not as Marriott Hotels offer these, too!  They have available on-premise babysitters, so you need not worry about finding someone to take care of your little ones.

3. Bring Your Pets

Well, you really can’t have fun when you need to leave your pets at home for your trip, right?  Luckily, a lot of Marriott Hotels would ever so willingly accommodate your furbabies!

By saying they allow pets, this doesn’t mean Marriott Hotels would just let your dogs or cats come with you. With their pet-friendly amenities, they treat your pets with the same hospitality they give you as they are well aware how anxious and stressed your babies get when traveling. That’s why a lot of Marriott Hotels have dog parks where you can walk them around. Also, they have cat-friendly windows where your kitty can enjoy the sun while you are busy doing your own stuff.

Another thing is that the staff will gladly direct you to the nearest pet shops when you need to visit one.

Just inform them in advance that you’ll be bringing your pets so they can prepare the right room for you and your furbabies, and they’d be able to discuss with you their pet rules.

4. Experience Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Enjoying is fun, but going green while enjoying is even better. For your information, Marriott Hotels have already committed to going green.

Here are some ways Marriott Hotels have embraced the “green advocacy”:

  • They’ve been investing in rainforest protection, water conservation, and the like
  • They educate and encourage not only their staff but as well as their guests and partners to go green
  • Setting green construction standards among hotel developers via their building plans
  • They’ve been working on achieving 30% renewable electricity as a minimum, reducing food waste up to 50%, decreasing water consumption by 15% and waste landfills by 45%


Now that you know why you should book one of Marriott Hotels, it’s time to reevaluate if cheap deals are worth it. When you’re choosing Marriott Hotels, you can save as much by using coupons and reward points. Also, Marriott Hotels offer kid- as well as pet-friendly accommodations, so you won’t have to go crazy when going on a vacation with your little ones and furbabies!

Moreover, Marriott Hotels are fully embracing the green advocacy, which means they help in protecting the environment, which is an important consideration when you are a green warrior yourself.

, 4 Benefits Of Booking Accommodation At Marriott Hotels, TravelWireNews | World News