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4 great jobs you can totally do while traveling the world

For some of us, being virtually tied to a desk in a cubicle isn’t our idea of fun. We need something that’s a little off-the-wall or non-traditional to get our juices flowing in the morning. Some will be positions that favor a younger person whereas others anyone can do if they’re still able to work.

Here are four great jobs that can be done while traveling.

Become a Yacht Worker

Whether the outrageous activities of the Below Deck reality TV series tickled your fancy, or you’ve always wanted to work on a yacht, there are different working roles like that of a deck hand or serving above and below desk as a third steward taking care of the guests and cleaning up after them. The suitability of each role depends on your particular talents.

There’s several websites like Crew Files and Crew Seekers dedicated to finding local crew to work on boats and yachts as last-minute replacements. You can work on boats across the United States, the European Mediterranean or as far away as Darwin, Australia.

Travel Blogger

The role of the travel blogger has changed over the years. Firstly, many have moved onto becoming travel vloggers with a YouTube channel because it’s a good way to create an active audience. Other bloggers and vloggers find it necessary to create their own e-books and courses to bring in revenue when the YouTube ad revenues isn’t large enough because their audience is too small.

Depending on how well you manage things, it’s possible to grow an audience until travel blogging or vlogging becomes your full-time gig.


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Offering your skills as a qualified nurse is an excellent way to travel across the US or into international waters. There are many hospitals that are crying out for volunteers and some that offer paid positions too. It’s not necessary to stay in one city or even one country while offering your nursing skills to healthcare facilities that need it.

While you’re working in nursing either part-time or full-time, it’s a great opportunity to advance your healthcare career in other ways by adding to your qualifications. A nurse practitioner doctorate degree is the next stepping stone from either a MSN or a DNP to a broader role within the healthcare profession. The best DNP programs provide an entirely online training course which allows students to study while traveling or abroad.


No, you don’t have to pretend to be a dog! WWoofing is volunteering as a farm hand in a variety of agricultural settings. You tend to need to be fit and reasonably athletic as the days are long and there could be some heavy lifting involved. You cannot be afraid to get your hands dirty either.

Usually, the farms are not centrally located, so you’ll be cut off from the world to some extent and may not have internet access most of the time either. However, there’s a free place to stay and farm produce to enjoy while hanging out with the other wwoofers.

It’s not necessary to stay at an office desk the whole time if that’s not what you want to do. There are some exciting job prospects depending on your age and experience. Some are paid positions and others are looking for volunteers. But either way, it’ll open your eyes to the larger world.

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