4 myths about flying busted

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It is likely that, at some point, you have heard some crazy “facts” about flying which seems too farfetched to be true. There are many myths about flying which may put you off choosing air travel as your first port of call when it comes to taking a vacation. However, it’s vital to remember that many of these “facts” are often mistaken, with no truth in them at all. Below are some of the most common myths you may have heard about flying, that are actually completely untrue. Put your mind at ease and feel more comfortable about air travel by reading below.

Doors Can Open Mid–Flight

The concept of the doors of the plane opening mid-flight may have, understandably, deterred a few people from flying in the past. However, as the difference in air pressure inside and outside is vastly different, this means that even the strongest person on the flight would not be able to open the door. It can be only opened outwards, and the chances of a door opening unprompted during a flight are very low.

Flying Is The Most Unsafe Form Of Transportation

The idea of flying seems highly dangerous, but the truth is that it is actually a very safe form of transportation. It may be surprising to hear that statistically, it is more common to be involved in an accident in any other type of transport apart from flying. The odds of being involved in an accident while flying are around one in eleven million, while it is one in 200 for a car accident. In some cases, when air travel does go wrong, pilots are trained to act accordingly and land the plane safely.

Flight Delays Can’t Be Contested

Many people are hesitating to fly as they fear a delay or cancellation, which can be costly and create a difficult situation for their trip. Delays can be frequent, particularly if it is a domestic flight. For many people, a delayed flight is just part and parcel to plane travel. However, it may surprise you to learn you may be able to claim compensation for your flight delay, through companies such as FairPlane, meaning that you could be reimbursed for any delays you have encountered. Knowing you are able to claim compensation can put your mind at ease, especially when you are in the situation and your flight is delayed because it can feel like there is nothing that you can do, leaving you feeling out of control and frustrated.

There are many myths surrounding flying and aviation, with the above being just a few of the more common ones that you hear. Flying is a highly unique and advanced form of transportation, so it is no surprise that there are many wild theories mainly to do with safety, but the truth may surprise you! Be sure to take into consideration the above points the next time you fly, and rest assured that flight travel is safer than you may think, with options to resolve any issues you may have during the journey.

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