4 Travel Activities That Are Worth Leaving Your Work For – Even For A Little While

4 Travel Activities That Are Worth Leaving Your Work For – Even For A Little While

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But what if Jack were an entrepreneur?

Jack would probably sit by the pool sipping a cool cocktail while he’s checking his conversion rates over his Macbook. Or go hiking with a group of other businessmen while rubbing minds and sharing marketing strategies.

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The number of tourists you see working on their laptop during their travels is on the increase. That’s the idea behind the freedom-based laptop lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that they don’t make time for some fun and adventure. But like almost every entrepreneur, work is something they cannot totally leave behind.

Knowing that entrepreneurs are among the thousands of travelers accommodated by the hospitality industry every year, CEO of OK Apartment Barcelona Jeremies Prieto, had this to say:

“There was a time when travelling meant a period to relax and have fun, but with the passage of time, we started seeing a different set of travelers – travelers who mix both business with the pleasures of tourism. And, so it was important for the hospitality industry to evolve with this new breed.”

That definitely shed some light on the reason why you have internet access in your hotel room and at the lobbies, large conference halls and executive suites. It’s as if they were carefully designed and equipped for the use of fun-loving yet hard working entrepreneurs.

But the question is: what does an entrepreneur get to experience when he or she drops the work behind to enjoy the vacation to the fullest?

Yes, there is a life away from the screen. Here are some exciting adventures you’ll enjoy during your travels once you lift your head above the laptop:

Have fun at the beach

When you talk about a vacation what comes to mind is an exotic beach at a tropical island. Glistening white sand, the ebb and flow of the waves and the plenty of cheerful sunshine feels like being in heaven on earth. Hotel resorts located near the beach make sure they provide you with the breathtaking view of the island and everything surrounding it.

Aside from the exquisite view, most hotels provide you with various fun activities that you can do on the beach, like play beach soccer, volleyball or even wind gliding. And if you happen to be travelling with the family, there are activities scheduled for the kids as well.

If you’re feeling a little lazy – which I doubt you would – or contemplative, you can always take you place under the cool shade of the umbrella, relax and appreciate the tropical beauty.

Experience the world under water

If you think that there’s a lot to see on land, wait till you dive under water. Scuba diving and snorkeling will give you the opportunity to behold the rich underwater life. You’d be surprised at the millions of fish species, plant life and the colors under the water.

Scuba diving gives you the opportunity to experience a close encounter with the life under the water. Curious fish in their splash of color swim in groups making a glorious display. Corals in their interesting shapes and sizes line the waterbed and hidden in their midst are other tiny water life. You’d be so mesmerized by the activity that you wouldn’t like to go back up.

Engage in the adventure through hiking and mountain climbing

If you want to experience a sense of accomplishment and the full satisfaction of the panoramic view from the summit or if you’re interested in discovering new trails, then this is for you. Hiking and mountain climbing are quite exciting. There’s nothing that can tickle your sense of adventure as much as those.

As you walk through the winding paths and through the wealth of nature, you’ll be able to hear the sounds of the animals that live in the heart of it all. You may even see a few show their heads from behind trees or bushes. They are indeed a sight to behold.

Your tour guide will show you amazing natural phenomena like waterfalls, streams or rivers, giving you an experience you’ll never forget.

Soak up the rich culture of the country

Tourist spots are full of history. With an experienced tour guide, you can learn a lot about the country you travel to. Your tour guide will tell you enthralling stories about different places in the country. As you enjoy the sights and interact with the locals, you get a firsthand experience of country and its culture.

Another dimension to learning about the culture of a country is to eat the country’s traditional food. You may not know this, but food is part of culture. As you try different types of traditional delicacies, by the time you’re ready to travel back home, you would have gone with the whole package.

So, is it worth taking time off from work to experience all this? Definitely. A few hours spent away from work to recharge will leave you more inspired and motivated to try something new. And trust me, it’ll benefit your business too.

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