5 Things You Should Have Before You Travel To China

5 Things You Should Have Before You Travel To China


China has been a standard of advanced country in the world. Indeed, China’s contribution to the world and mankind throughout history are numerous, perhaps one of the highest. The people of China are humble people who do not take pleasure in boasting, they are warm towards others, and like to make friends. This makes China so special. Traveling to this little and receptive country may be your desire, however, there are a few things you must put in place in other to travel to China.

You will definitely need a visa as a Citizen of Nigeria or any other country to enter China, which is the first prerequisite. The categories of China visas are the Tourist, Business, Transit, and Study visas depending on your purpose of visit. Unfortunately, at this time, China Visa Application Center (VisaHQ) does not provide full visa services for tourist visas to China. All applicants must apply in person and with the required documents at the nearest Embassy of China. China visa for citizens of Nigeria is required. For more information, please contact the nearest China Embassy, or visit it online at http://ng.chgineseembassy.org.


Air China is the only flag carrier of China and one of the major airlines of the People’s Republic of China. Its flight operations are based out of Beijing Capital International Airport. Although there are other alternative airlines in Nigeria that fly to China, the cost of air fare may range between $3261.2 USD and $3322.5 USD. Emirates Airline for instance, flies from Nigeria to Beijing-China, and information in air ticket cost can be got form its website at www.emirates.com/ng.


Air China- Flag Carrier Of China.

Basic Travel Allowance (BTA)
The cost of living in China will depend on your lifestyle. Although, it is easy to minimize your day-to-day expenses, it will depending on how much luxury you want to live in and how far you will go to recreate the way you lived at home. The cost of fresh produce and food stuff, clothing, entertainment and domestically manufactured electronics are all very reasonable in China. Public transport cost in main Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou are very affordable. In summary, depending on your lifestyle and budget, you may set aside 2000 RMB for a short visit, say 2 weeks, as extra cash to cover miscellaneous costs aside your air fare and accommodation, This amount can serve as your financial security till your time of departure.


Chinese Grocery Store.

Whenever you travel, remember that quality, and not quantity is the order of the day because it is obvious most airlines have luggage size limit restrictions. Here are some useful tips for packing. Do remember to take the following: passports, visa, health related certificates, ticket, ID, money, map, itinerary, guide book related to your destination, leisure wears, water proof, umbrella, sun glasses, sun hat, toiletries, medical supplies, and your camera. At least, with these few important items, you may not worry about your luggage size anymore.


Guide Book To China.

Lodging Arrangement
Getting an affordable lodging accommodation in China doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice service and quality. China offers some great hotel deals whether its a budget hot or a 5-star hotel. Swissotel Kunshan Hotel can be a one stop for you for a comfortable and affordable stay in China. It offers complimentary good breakfast, with a wide variety of rooms are a great with a good view of the surroundings, and and features minibars, LCD televisions, internet access, spa and massage center, swimming pool, and all other recreational amenities. Price per night is as from N23842.86 Nigerian Naira. You can call directly on +86 512 5788 5788 for more information.


Swissotel Kunshan Hotel China.

Having these information, you can be rest assured that visiting this pleasant country called China will be worthwhile.