5 Tips for Cruising in Style

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We’ve all seen the cruise photos and videos plastered on social media showcasing gorgeous ships and the sparkling sea. And it’s not your imagination; more people are cruising than ever before. According to Cruise Lines International Association, Inc., 30 million passengers are expected to cruise in 2019.

But not all cruises are created equal. If you’re new to cruising or can’t quite figure out what the hype is all about, here are some tips for cruising in style.

1. Choose Your Destination and Budget

There’s more to cruising than picking a tropical island and setting sail for a few days of fun. You can also choose elite, upscale cruises for several weeks and see areas of the world you just can’t get see otherwise. Not sure where to start?

If you prefer cooler temperatures and getting off the beaten path, research 2019 Alaska cruises and discover a world with glaciers, snow-capped mountains and gorgeous national parks.

You can also choose a price point from luxury packages where everything is included like excursions and alcohol, or a budget-friendly price tag with more basic options. Most cruises also offer packages that include airfare and ground transportation, simplifying your travel logistics and possibly saving you even more money.

2. Prep for Your Trip

Prepping for your cruise goes beyond packing for the weather, fine dining, relaxation or poolside fun. You also need the right cruise documents, from passports to luggage tags. Read through the cruise line’s required documents and make sure you don’t need visas for any international travel needs.

Additionally, make copies of your identification and keep it in a safe place at home where you can call a trusted neighbor or family member to access it in an emergency. And if the unexpected comes up, contact your cruise line as soon as you know about flight details to see how they can help or arrange to board you at the next port.

3. Plan Your Shore Excursions

You can plan shore excursions through third-party companies or simplify your journey by booking through your cruise line. An added benefit to booking through your cruise line is peace of mind. If your shore excursion is late and you booked through the cruise, you’re guaranteed not to get left behind. From whale watching in Alaska to taking a helicopter ride and landing on a glacier, choose a handful of shore excursions that best suit your interests.

4. Maximize Your Ship Time

Relaxing on a cruise is a must for any traveler, but don’t let sitting poolside take over your onboard itinerary. From Broadway-caliber shows to wine tastings and art classes, cruises offer endless entertainment. Plan a few on-board activities and add in a few indulgences like a visit to the spa or an upscale restaurant onboard.

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And because cruises are a communal experience, take the time to get to know fellow passengers at dinner or during shore excursions and build new friendships in the process.

5. Set Aside Some Downtime

Cruising with loved ones offers a unique bonding experience, but it can also get tiring. No matter how close you are to your family and friends, all travelers need time apart to decompress and recharge after a long day on a shore excursion or exploring the ship.

Take time apart, enjoy a class on your own, or just take a walk around the boat and remember not to turn your vacation into a source of stress. Then regroup and say “cheers” to your journey over a shared meal.

Create a Boat-Sized Dream Vacation

Cruising can be a fun and rewarding experience with some simple prep work. From choosing the right destination and budget to curating your shore excursions, you can create your dream vacation with cruising in mind.

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