A Dog’s Life: Russia’s only Corgi Cop calls it quits

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Russian social media descended into a chaos of cuteness on Monday morning as the country’s only K-9 Unit Corgi retired from his job with the Transport Police, after seven and a half years of service.

Announced on Instagram to more than 13,000 subscribers, the 9-year-old opted to take his pension and quit his role as a sniffer dog. The Corgi, named Ginger, was relied on to reveal the presence of prohibited substances. Due to Ginger’s sensitive nose, many drug dealers passing through the city of Nizhny Novgorod ended up in the dog house. 

According to the Instagram announcement, he plans to take up dancing and continue playing sports – he might be a pensioner, but retirement certainly won’t see Ginger slipping into dog days. 

Ginger’s Instagram page was founded a year ago, and he quickly gained popularity on the Russian internet, with his videos and photos being shared far and wide. After a year he called “the most extraordinary in my life,” it can indeed be said that this dog has had his day. 

It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but Ginger worked well together with his sidekick. Now, the Belgian Shepherd Ziger will go on duty without his partner.

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