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A Newspaper Renaissance Begins: Innovative Digital Technology Developed by Publishers at the Columbus Post Fundamentally Changes, Improves Business Model for Newspaper Industry

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Alan W. Sorter, publisher and president of the Columbus Post, has achieved a decades-old dream of developing a “newspaper that talks.” The Electronic Home Delivery Program, also known as the “Chloe Process,” is a technological breakthrough made possible by today’s powerful computing devices and the worldwide reach of the internet. Sorter believes his new program will finally put newspapers and other print media on a level playing field with TV and radio, saving them from the dust bin of history. More information about the Chloe Process, which is available as a B2B technology offering, can be found at http://columbuspost.com/.

The Chloe Process is an all-digital approach to producing and distributing newspapers. All that’s needed to get a publication off the ground is a desktop or laptop computer, tablet device, or smartphone. Publishers can then deliver their content to subscribers anywhere in the world via email address. Gone are the days of wet or lost newspapers and limited delivery areas — the Chloe Process literally changes the game.

Perhaps most importantly for the bottom line, the Chloe Process means no more huge printing presses, warehouses, trucks and the small army of staff and/or contractors needed to oversee what amounts to a complex industrial endeavor. Instead, electronic home delivery can reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a matter of minutes. By creating such a low barrier for entry into newspaper publishing, the Chloe Process enables a more diverse collection of voices to be heard, which is vital in any modern democracy.

The genesis of the Chloe Process dates to 1983, when Sorter was a Knight Ridder newspaper executive. His dream was to “make the newspaper talk,” which seemed straight out of science fiction in those early days of personal computing. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Sorter’s visionary idea never left the back burner of his mind. It wasn’t until about the mid-90s that internet technologies reached a place where the concept looked feasible.

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In the early part of the new century, Sorter purchased the Columbus Post. There, he met Manager of Operations Herman Raymond Thornton, who would become his partner in developing the Chloe Process. The two worked diligently on the technology, yet always seemed to run into obstacles. Sorter feared his dream of a new kind of print media would never come to fruition. However, the tragic passing of his mother in February 2014 spurred him to redouble his efforts, partly in honor of her memory. Over the course of countless marathon brainstorming and development sessions, Sorter and Thornton finally put the final puzzle pieces together, and the Chloe Process was born.

The revolutionary aspect of newspapers published with the Chloe Process is the seamless embedding of video and audio content. This kind of converged, dynamic media will help struggling newspapers and magazines close the gap with other digital media, as well as make fertile ground for ambitious startups to add their views to the news and information space.

About the Columbus Post

The Columbus Post, the nation’s fastest growing paid circulation multicultural newspaper, has a readership of 40,000+ weekly readers. The Columbus Post targets diverse, upscale, readers electronically distributed to their email addresses, smart phones, and connected devices. The delivery of electronic newspapers and magazines allows a rich video and audio experience for subscribers and advertisers through a technological process developed by the Columbus Post.

For more information about The Electronic Home Delivery Program, also known as the “Chloe Process”, visit: ColumbusPost.com/Chloe.

For Interviews & Personal Appearances, contact the Chloe Process Spokesperson: Al Chisholm – (786) 208-8230

To Purchase the Chloe Process, please Contact Alan W. Sorter (323)333-3779


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