‘A visual thank you’: London designer CREATES striking ornamental masks to honor key workers during Covid-19 crisis

, ‘A visual thank you’: London designer CREATES striking ornamental masks to honor key workers during Covid-19 crisis, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

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A London-based fashion designer has used everyday items to create a striking set of decorative face masks to honor various groups of Covid-19 essential workers and the results are certainly eye-catching, if a little creepy.

In Facebook posts displaying the creations, designer Freyja Sewell said she had been looking for a way to turn her free time in lockdown into something good, and came up with the masks as a “visual thank you” to key workers.

Sewell created eight completely different colorful designs to honor the eight main groups of essential workers outlined by the UK government, including healthcare, education and food supply.

Sewell told design magazine Dezeen that the face mask was 2020’s “most iconic and important visual motif” and was now seen as a “badge of honor” worn by workers who kept society functioning during the virus outbreak.

Impressively, the designer constructed the ornamental masks only with materials she already had at home.

A turquoise mask, for example, honoring healthcare workers was made from material in a theatre costume and covers the face and neck almost like a “suit of armor,” she told the website.

Recycled green-felt was used to make the mask honoring food service industry workers and has the appearance of a flower or farm-grown crops.

A neon green mask dedicated to national security workers was made from beer cans, yoghurt pots, a pool table triangle and scraps of fabric.

Sewell honored utilities and communications workers with a silver mask made out of one of her own tops, adding a headdress made from wires found around her house and reminiscent of a communications mast.

Journalists, who were also classed as key public-service workers, were celebrated with a bright red mask made from three objects that look like microphones attached to mesh from a piece of art she had brought back from Japan. 

While she acknowledged that many people were questioning the actions of the government, Sewell also made a navy blue mask to celebrate the “many hard working civil servants” who are still working and have the best intentions. 

As of June 2, the UK has reported more than 39,000 deaths from Covid-19 and recorded over 277,000 cases of the infection, making it one of the worst-affected countries worldwide.

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