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AAA: One-third of Americans intend to travel for the holiday season

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Whether you’re traveling by car or air, this season millions will undoubtedly be traveling for the holiday season.

No one really wants to spend the vacation on the relative side of the street, so if you’re traveling by car this holidays there’s some things you need to check hitting the street before.

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Midas says it’s imperative to check three things before moving out on your own road trip: Fluids, tires, and brakes.

Midas considers these the “three big beasts” of holiday travel.

Store Manager Justin Ventura says a supplementary check can help you save from potentially dangerous situations

“Because if you’re gonna be on the highway out, you wanna ensure you have tred on those tires enough. You wish to make certain there’s no nails in those tires,” Ventura said.

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“You intend to make sure all of your fluids are clean, full and doing what they&rsquo exactly;re said to be doing. The final thing you intend to be doing is be stuck privately of the street having an overheating issue. Also, check your brakes. Obviously, you intend to have the ability to stop, and in the wintertime, that may get a tiny bit rough.”

Midas also says to check on your car&rsquo regularly; s oil change service or sticker table to see when you’re due for a maintenance check.

AAA estimates 112 million Americans will travel this holidays.

That true number represents a 4. year and 102 million of these traveling will undoubtedly be going by car 4 percent increase from last, that’s more drivers than any holidays before.

WWAY spoke to those drivers moving out to I-40 even though some intend to stay near home, others are making the trek to see themselves quite.

“Spend time with my father he&rsquo actually;s 83 yrs . old. and I&rsquo then; m gonna check out Pennsylvania to invest some right time with my siblings,” Donna Johnson, traveling for the holiday season, said. “We would go Washington and start to see the stuff and monument like this, take full advantage of it.”

AAA says travel times in probably the most congested u.s. cities could possibly be around four times when compared to a normal trip longer.