Accomplish your travel bucket list

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how different your life might be if you could take some time to explore the world? Have you ever met people on vacation who had been on the road for ages and wonder if that could ever be a possibility for you? Do you ever desire to be a traveller and not just a tourist? The only thing holding you back is you! Here are responses to some of the foreseeable obstacles that may be holding you back from making a giant leap toward an incredibly life-changing nomadic journey:

Part 2: Fun, relaxation, adventure, education: People travel for a variety of reasons

But what if no one can join me?

Travelling solo is many people’s favourite way to travel. It may sound daunting and potentially lonely at first but if you survey anyone who has travelled long-term on their own, they will likely rave about how easy it was to meet great people who want to engage in like-minded activities. It may sound a bit selfish but it also means that you don’t find yourself compromising all of the time to accommodate a travel partner’s needs. You never feel held back because you literally get to choose your own adventure. And you are never really alone unless you want to be, so you are welcome to be as social or as independent as you like on any given day.

But what about my career?

All the work experience you’ve already gained is not lost by travelling abroad; you just take a pause. In fact, future employers may look on it favourably because it shows you are open-minded and flexible. If you still dream of taking time off to travel, or worry about having future regrets because you didn’t give yourself the opportunity to explore before settling down, then maybe your heart is trying to sway you in a certain direction all on its own. Work will always be there. Twenty years from now are you really going to look back and say, “I wish I would have worked more instead of taking that amazing adventure?”

But I’m too old to go backpacking.

Twenty-somethings don’t get to have all the fun! Some people backpack extensively in their 30s and beyond. If dorms aren’t your style you can opt for private rooms in hostels to still allow yourself the opportunity to make great connections with others who are on the same route. If you are travelling, you will already have common interests with those you meet, regardless of age. The backpacker crowd is an extremely open-minded, welcoming and supportive network of people.

But it’s too expensive.

The cost of travel all depends on the type of travel you plan on doing and the location you choose. For example, the day-to-day costs of travelling through Bolivia are significantly cheaper than travelling through France. Other ways to make your funds last are: staying in hostels or with hosts on Couchsurfing, making some of your own meals or eating outside of tourist areas, and taking longer overnight buses instead of flights. Depending on your priorities, you can make your money last a long time once you’ve paid for the initial flight. There are always opportunities for supplemental income on the road. If you pick the right countries, your daily cost of living will be much less than back home.

But I have children.

Believe it or not, people do take their children and travel the world, either by living abroad or by moving around and home-schooling them. It will certainly involve much more planning to organize a family trip than for one person, but there is such a wealth of rich education that can only be learned through genuine, first-hand cultural experiences. The world would literally be your child’s playground so at least you wouldn’t have to worry about toys!