Ad to Promote Chinese-made Net Film Debuts at American Landmark

Ad to Promote Chinese-made Net Film Debuts at American Landmark

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BEIJING, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — An ad displayed at Times Square in New York to promote Chosen, a big-budget Chinese internet film has turned many heads shortly after its debut today (Jan. 3).

The screen ad at the American landmark was a series of activities launched to mark the worldwide premiere of the film, a co-production between iQIYI and Sony Pictures, on January 7 on iQIYI and Netflix simultaneously to viewers in more than 190 countries and regions.

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The internet film, adapted from an American drama under the same title, has received a lot of attention since shooting began in Sydney, Australia in April. The show of the ad, a poster for the film projected on a giant screen at the famed American landmark is certain to generate more expectations for the Chinese production.

The ad at Times Square features four lead characters, starred by Lan Cheng-lung, Deng Jiajia and Han Pengyi, three up-and-coming actors from China as well as Sam Hayden-Smith from Australia. All the four who are behind red patches and looks emotionless, conjures up a powerful impression of mystery.

The poster in which Lan as the male protagonist holds a gun pointed straight at viewers is so unmistakably strong that viewers could just feel like smelling gun powder.

The black and white portraits of the other three lead characters in contrast catch the essence of the film – the unsettling emotion running through the film and its breath-taking suspense and tension.

Chosen, a three-part series, is adapted from the American original which tells the story of Ian Mitchel who wakes up one morning to discover a loaded gun and a photo of a stranger in a mysterious box delivered to his door step. An order for him to kill the stranger or to lose his own life and that of his daughter turns the husband, father and lawyer into an unwilling assassin who has no other choice but to risk all to protect his family.

The Chinese remake features Lan, a Golden Bell Award winner, as Dai Huan, the unwilling assassin and Deng as his wife Tao Lu. Deng is a Golden Rooster Film Award winner for her support role as Lin Mengmeng in Chinese thriller Silent Witness and a household name for her TV role in popular Chinese sitcom, iPartment.

The Chinese adaption of the thriller to be streamed worldwide on iQIYI and Netflix allows global viewers a rare insight into unique Chinese craft behind this super online film.

As the internet and mobile video service industry grows, the internet film production is also undergoing constant transformation.

Dou Lili, chief producer of Chosen and the general manager of iQIYI’s Online Film Development Center said that Chosen is the first Chinese online film series that is adapted from an American drama and reproduced with craft from a group of veteran Chinese filmmakers. “We hope that a combination of Intellectual property of American dramas, Chinese way of presentation and observation of highest industry standard would help promote more of our productions globally,” she said.

“The promotion for Chosen at the Times Square is expected to bolster appeal of Chinese productions to global viewers.”

iQIYI created the internet film format in China in 2014 and remains a leading player in this booming market. Chosen is another bold move by iQIYI to drive up growth in the global market. The premiere of the online film on January 7 will see all its three parts be streamed on both platforms on the same day, a first for a Chinese made online film, according to Yang Xianghua, iQIYI‘s senior vice president. “A combination of original rights to American dramas, Chinese way of presentation and observation of highest industry standard will surely help Chinese productions gain further ground in the international market.” he said.

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