Adriatico. travel: The specialty is an unique visitor concept

Adriatico. travel: The specialty is an unique visitor concept
Adriatico is a travel company that arranges different types of trips which are specially designed and tailored for those who really want an active vacation, adventure or encounter in countries surrounding the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Peninsula.
Our own specialty is an unique tourist concept, concentrating primarily on experience, culture plus nature, both for individuals and groupings. Trips, tours or activities are usually completely flexible, so that you can customize your journey to meet your needs. All this is possible, because of our new unique partnership, exactly where we provide the best actors in the travel and leisure industry, and therefore can guarantee the best quality plus prices.
All of us of friendly and experienced staff members believe that activities and experience in conjunction with nature, culture and exciting background can be the best memorable holiday. We all possess broad expertise through skilled and professional guides who are specialized rafting, hiking and wilderness encounter, guides that meet our visitor quality and know how to put provider and the guest above all else.
It’s up to you how your own vacation will look like and how much do you wish to become active. If you like to keep you on time, at your own pace all the time and everything days, we fix this, as well.
Adriatico. traveling has been available since 2003 plus from the beginning we did travel having a focus on individual and group activities with adventures and activities in surrounding the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Peninsula. Since then we’ve grown, both for passengers and number of activities. Today, we have our very own arrangements and 2016, we estimate that offer some 20 trips round the Adriatic coast and on a few destinations in the surroundings.
We have private travel if you wish to have a vacation with your friends or family with a private driver and guide, but we ‘ve furthermore ” classic” package and team tours that can be adapted to the action or themes. When necessary, we all share group travel in little groups from 2 up to twenty people, so you feel more relaxed plus comfortable.
Are you able to not find a suitable trip you got it for you, contact us and reveal your own wishes and we will do our best in the future to meet and organize a special journey according to your wishes and requirements.

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