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AeroGarden Bounty is on sale for $130 off at Amazon

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The AeroGarden grows fresh produce in your kitchen.


TL;DR: The AeroGarden Bounty is $219.95 at Amazon. It’s typically $349.95 so you’ll save 37%.

You might have heard that turning your lawn into a garden is a great way to use water more efficiently in this time when we are all becoming more aware of climate change and our carbon and water footprints. But we don’t all have lawns, so what are the rest of us to do? Enter: The AeroGarden, which allows us all to grow fresh herbs and veggies right in our kitchens.

By growing your own fruits and veggies you not only know exactly where your food is coming from, but you also can control what goes into these crops. (That’s right: You can have crops. You’ll basically be a farmer.) 

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No green thumb? No problem. The AeroGarden‘s touch screen makes it super easy to use, reminding you of when to add water and plant food. This futuristic device quickly transforms even a cactus killer into a full-on gardener. Unlike traditional gardening, the AeroGarden doesn’t use soil, allowing plants to grow five times faster than other methods.

The AeroGarden Bounty is the first AeroGarden with a nine-pod garden, providing you more space to grow basically anything, and the 24-inch lamp ensures that your new plant babies will grow year round. 

Visit Amazon to purchase the AeroGarden Bounty for $219.95. Typically $349.95, you’ll save $130. 

Included in your purchase is a nine pod gourmet herb seed kit, which features basil, parsley, mint, and other herbs. Perfect for adding freshness to any meal. 

, AeroGarden Bounty is on sale for 0 off at Amazon, Hottest World News | Travel Wire News