Ajman Police help 26 scam victims return home

Ajman: The Community Services Department of Ajman Police has come to the aid of 26 Asian visitors who landed in desperate straits after they were scammed by two con artists.

The group arrived in the UAE on visit visas and were supposed to travel to South Africa to take on new jobs.

Lieutenant-Colonel Saeed Khalifa Al Katbi, head of Al Madina police station, said Ajman Police investigated after the 26 men were cheated by the two suspects, one hailing from Pakistan and the other from Bangladesh.

The suspects promised the 26 men with jobs in South Africa and brought them to the UAE on visit visas and they were told that they would travel from the UAE to South Africa.

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When they reached the country, the suspects took them from the airport to Ajman where they were left without shelter or work.

Lt-Col Al Katbi said the visitors approached Al Madina police station and told police about their ordeal and sought help.

They told police that they were cheated and had no means to support themselves and had no relatives or friends in the UAE to fall back on.

At the meantime, police tracked down the suspects and arrested them.

The stranded victims, meanwhile, were assisted by police who helped them with temporary shelter, transportation and meals in addition to their plane tickets to return home,

Ajman Police also gave the victims a friendly lift to the Sharjah International Airport for their return flight home, police said.