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ALL OF US Travel reacts to electronic devices ban upon certain international flights

US Travel Organization Executive Vice President for General public Affairs Jonathan Grella issued these statement on the ban announced Wednesday by the Department of Homeland Protection on some electronic devices in the cabin rentals of certain international flights:

“ The American take a trip community supports efforts to make traveling more secure. We urge the federal government to produce every effort to minimize disruption in order to legitimate travelers by clearly plus quickly articulating the details of the brand new policy to enforcement personnel as well as the flying public. Even with security like a justification, it does not absolve authorities from the responsibility to communicate.

“ As with all security plans, we further urge that this brand new security measure be continually reassessed moving forward to ensure it remains appropriate and effective in the ever-shifting danger environment.

“ We all continue to hope that highly noticeable changes to security protocols later on will be accompanied by a clear message which the government’ s intent is not in order to suppress, but to secure travel, which legitimate international business and discretion travelers remain welcomed and highly valued by the United States. ”

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