An online ad kickstarted Dorian's career as a TV travel guide

An online ad kickstarted Dorian's career as a TV travel guide

Before then, had you had any ambition to be on TV?

No, I’m actually studying to be a teacher, doing secondary teaching. I’m about three quarters through the degree now – because I keep travelling obviously. But I’ll get there slowly.

Were you much of a traveller before this show?

No, I was a travel virgin. So Channel Nine sort of took my travel virginity.

You’re travelling around with your two friends, you’re a threesome, does it get stressful being in close proximity for long periods of time?

I wouldn’t say stressful, more like frustrating. I think when you’re that close to anyone, you start to realise how gross and annoying they can be. For example Kevin has a tendency to sort of…well first of all he always takes his clothes off the moment he gets into a room. And Teng is just kind of gross in general. He’s got this really annoying eating habit where he smacks his lips really loud every time he chews.

So it sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have any annoying habits?

I think I’m pretty perfect, but I feel like it’d be different if you asked the boys.

Do you get to know any of the other Travel Guides in the course of the show?

We don’t get to know them to a great extent, but we do meet them. We’ve met a few times.

So you don’t know whether any of them are a nightmare to travel with.

Yeah, not sure, sorry.

What’s been your favourite place to travel?

My favourite place would probably be Israel. Tel Aviv is one of the coolest places in the world. You don’t expect it, because there’s a stigma around the Middle East, but you go there and it’s beautiful beaches, beautiful women, just really nice things to see everywhere, the hot sun, cool bars, clubs.

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What’s the worst experience you’ve had travelling?

Well, Tel Aviv was my favourite place, but I did break down with shingles and had to be quarantined for two days halfway through the trip. It was still a beautiful place to go to, but dude, have you had shingles?

Has being on the show ignited a passion for travel in you?

Oh, absolutely. Because we were meant to go back to uni after we finished last season, but instead we just went for another month on a trip to Europe straight after we finished filming Travel Guides. We went to Germany, Amsterdam, Paris.

What do you reckon makes you good TV talent?

That’s the thing…for us it’s always just been we’re mates and we get on really well. I guess everything else just happens naturally outside of that. I definitely wouldn’t look at the three of us as talent – I see us more as three idiots that someone found funny.

Would you go on Dancing With The Stars if you were asked?

Yeah, but I don’t think I’d get past the first round. The three of us have talked about auditioning for Married At First Sight. We’d be the first ever trio – if one girl wants one of us, it’s her bad luck she gets all three.

That’s what that show needs.

Do you have a connection there that you can tell about this?

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, you’re a wise man, Ben.

Travel Guides is on Nine on Tuesday at 9pm.

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