Angola: Minister Wants to Boost Angolan Tourism

Angola: Minister Wants to Boost Angolan Tourism

Luanda — The Hotel and Tourism sector needs combined efforts by other Ministerial Departments to better respond to its role of generating income and job creation for its development.

The appeal was launched Tuesday by Angolan minister of the sector, Ângela Bragança, at a ceremony to exchange portfolios with the outgoing Paulino Baptista.

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At the ceremony, also attended by the sector’s managers and workers, the official expressed the intention to boost the sector in the country aimed at promoting it at the regional and International levels.

Ângela Bragança considered crucial to combine efforts with other Ministerial Departments, like Culture, Sports, Environment and others.

The minister considered the sector cross-cutting and one of the largest industries at international level.

Taking into account the great potential of the country in the field of Tourism, the minister said she wants to work with a dynamic team, in the light of the motto “improve what is good and correct what is wrong.”

In turn, the outgoing minister, Paulino Baptista, called for unity of the various sector’s organs and departments, with a view to raising the national tourism at high level.

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