Announcing mCoin (MCN): The First Cryptocurrency Accessible Outside the Domain of the Internet

Announcing mCoin (MCN): The First Cryptocurrency Accessible Outside the Domain of the Internet

LONDON, Jan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —  Introducing mCoin, the first cryptocurrency accessible with SMS.

mCoin is a cryptocurrency, based on the original Bitcoin Blockchain enabling technology. It enables the 3 billion people around the world who don’t have access to the internet to participate in the digital revolution and acquire cryptocurrency.

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mCoin is powered by the ONEm’s platform, which can already reach 261 million users around the world from the ONEm-connected mobile networks in 13 different countries. Following a reducing supply algorithm, total supply will not exceed 32 billion MCN over 34 years and these mCoins can be used to carry out transactions with the ONEm commerce services.

“We are very passionate about the inclusive nature of our services as they consider the needs of billions of people who don’t have reliable or ready access to the internet,” said Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm.

Non-Internet users will be able to access a virtual MCN wallet via SMS, using the ONEm platform, giving them access to their mCoins but without needing the internet or mobile data.

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About ONEm

ONEm is a high tech company based in London established in 2012. ONEm developed and deployed an advanced platform that supports an ecosystem of services. The platform empowers users to enjoy access to a continually growing number of interactive content and applications. What is unique about these services is that they work on any type of mobile without requiring data or Wi-Fi.

ONEm’s most recent venture, mCoin is bringing cryptocurrency to the unconnected and unbanked community, in line with its overall vision of an inclusive world that is better connected.

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