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Are we already an ‘insectualised economy’? RT’s Keiser Report has the answer

Published time: 21 May, 2019 12:42 Edited time: 21 May, 2019 13:01

South Korea’s Ministry of Environment reported this month on a rare Asiatic black bear, also called Moon Bear, which has been spotted living in the mined border area between North and South Korea.

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RT’s Keiser Report discusses the report, using it as an analogy for our privacy. Stacy Herbert compares it with the human situation in a surveillance state, noting that there are still “some humans that live outside a CCTV camera, humans that don’t have a GPS monitor anywhere near them” because they might live somewhere in the middle of South or North Dakota. Max Keiser recalls his theory of the “economy’s insectualisation” where humans are becoming a colony of insects (bees or ants). That’s all enabled by the 5G surveillance state, he says.

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