Arrests after 20 people killed at Sargodha shrine

Arrests after 20 people killed at Sargodha shrine

Lahore, Pakistan – The custodian of a shrine in central Pakistan and two accomplices have been arrested after murdering 20 devotees in the Punjab province.

Abdul Waheed, the custodian, drugged the devotees before beating them with sticks and stabbing them to death late on Saturday, local police officer Shaukat Manzoor told Al Jazeera.

He then handed himself over to to authorities, the official added.

The incident occurred in the small village of Chak 95, just outside the city of Sarghoda located about 160km west of Lahore.

“He drugged everyone who was at the shrine. There are no survivors,” Manzoor said before adding that Waheed appeared to suffer from mental instability.

Chief of the local police station Shamsher Khan said Waheed was found sitting outside the shrine when authorities reached the location.

“He had a dagger dripping with blood on him,” said Khan. “He told us not to come near him otherwise he will attack is. But we managed to arrest him and the two other men who were sitting outside the shrine with him.

“The whole shrine was filled with bodies. There were 20 dead bodies, including three women and 17 men.”

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Source: Al Jazeera News