Asmita Sood: I'm a travel addict!

Asmita Sood: I'm a travel addict!

For somebody who wants to travel every chance she gets, actress Asmita Sood had a great break in Azerbaijan and Georgia, recently. She discusses how it came into being. “I had a film shoot in Azerbaijan and I had always wished to visit Georgia since some time. This right time fortunately, Georgia and azerbaijan ended up being neighbouring countries, therefore i was excited as this is an opportunity for me personally to go see them. I visited Azerbaijan and extended the visit to Georgia first,” she says.

Out and about in a beautiful, friendly country

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Enjoying the view in Azerbaijan


In Tbilisi City

Asmita says this designed for a much-needed break. “Twice per year and yes i love to devote some time off at the very least, this is much-needed break among my hectic shoot schedule in Mumbai.” Several elements added towards rendering it a nice holiday. “The locals in Azerbaijan have become friendly and helpful and I loved the social people there,” she says, adding, “Georgians, I believe, remain dealing with the Soviet influence that the national country has been under for a long time. But otherwise, the national country is beautiful and contains some breathtaking cathedrals, each one of these telling a distinctive story!”

Trying out unique sweets and savouries


At a cafe in Georgia

Along with the sightseeing, the refreshments was the highlight. She informs, “Georgia is well known for cheese and wines. An assortment was tried by me of the. There exists a special dumpling they prepare called the &lsquo also; khinkhali’, that includes a particular manner of eating. I tried that along with their famous (almost national) dish called ‘ khachapudi’. They will have a distinctive sweet called &lsquo also; churchkela’, that is stringed nuts dipped in thickened grape juice; it’s delicious. I assume they have an enormous selection of grapes, yes and pomegranates, some amazing berries, too!”
She’s got a tattoo on her behalf love for travel!


A vacation produces an excellent refresher and on her behalf, it was like this just. “I’m a large travel addict,” she admits. “I believe travelling fills your daily life with experiences you cannot ever manage reading a book or watching a film. It requires you from your own daily routine to see diverse cultures away, food, people, places and a whole many more – it can help you find yourself along the way. So yes, I enjoy explore this dimension of myself often. I’ve a tattoo on my left ankle which says &lsquo even;fernweh’, this means the love for travel. That’s just how much I enjoy travel,” she says.

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