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Atameken discusses prospects of affordable tourism

ASTANA – Enjoyable vacations are respites appreciated by all. To support travelers, priorities of developing tourism infrastructure must think about the viewpoints of local industry associations, entrepreneurs and residents, and government projects must facilitate affordable, comfortable and cost-effective getaways, said Chair of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Timur Kulibayev.

Hiking in Almaty. Photo credit: aboutkazakhstan.com.

He recently discussed the problems surrounding domestic and inbound tourism, in addition to support for tourism businesses, with Vice Minister of Sports and Culture Erlan Kozhagapanov and CEO of Kazakh Tourism Rashid Kuzembayev.

“The federal government allocates huge funds for improving infrastructure and promoting the country’s brand. The duty is to make sure that funds are allocated efficiently and the best goal would be to ensure citizens will get active leisure and affordable vacations,” said Kulibayev.

The state budget has allocated 140 billion tenge (US$406.8 million) in the coming years for infrastructure development.

“It is crucial to think about the infrastructure development in a complex. Infrastructure must be modernised and expanded everywhere: roads, sewerage, heating systems and the real amount of hotels, leisure sanatoria and centres and clinics need to match every taste and budget. The availability of modern treatment facilities plays a pivotal role. The influx of tourists into Burabai, for instance, may undermine the region’s environment,” he added.

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Kulibayev also known as on government representatives to take into account residents’ and entrepreneurs’ opinions in creating tourist maps. The map recently presented by Minister of Sports and Culture Arystanbek Mukhamediuly includes 62 holiday destinations and facilities, 46 active and 16 new. The criteria for choosing the locations were potential tourist growth and the objects’ uniqueness, and their cultural and historical significance.

“The vacations must be affordable and comfortable; you should consider where people might have an escape with children. Weekend holidays are essential developing cost-effective tourism both for longer holidays and,” he said.

Locals typically know the very best spots for an escape and the ones which need improved infrastructure, he noted.

“Another essential requirement would be to develop year-round leisure opportunities for tourists. There exists a have to develop cultural also, pilgrimage eco-tourism and adventures at the sacred places of Kazakh cultural heritage. Ulytau, Bayanaul and turkestan are unique places where academics, military commanders along with other honoured Kazakh figures result from,” he added.

The mechanism for developing mass tourism is creating an open sky.

“Developing inbound and domestic tourism requires increasing flight frequencies of low-cost carriers. Air Astana, for example, provides high-level service but at an extremely high price. It’s important to boost citizens’ mobility. Leisure and cultural amenities need to be accessible of income size regardless, residence place and social status,” said Kulibayev.

In addition, plans to help ease the visa policy by introducing electronic visas should minimise communication with officials and potential corruption.

Kulibayev noted the mechanisms will substantially raise the country’s cash tourism and flow development.

“Kazakhstan’s tourism potential, the geographical position and cultural heritage, must be utilised fully,” he said.