ATs Student Travel Survey

ATs Student Travel Survey

While browsing the Auckland Transport website recently searching for some information, I found the outcomes of a survey by Gravitas Strategy and Research on what students happen to be and from university campuses  It includes a report (2.6MB) and a huge 81-page presentation (3.8MB) of the total results.

In total, 2,157 students from the selection of campuses were randomly selected and interviewed earlier this season on a variety of transport related questions and follows on from similar research in 2014 and 2016. Here are the campuses and the real amount of respondents who completed the survey. You’know there&rsquo ll;s an array of campuses here, UoA and AUT in the populous city out to the fringe suburbs.

  • AUT City (214)
  • Massey Albany (227)
  • AUT South (158)
  • MIT Mankuau (190)
  • AUT Akoranga (213)
  • MIT Ōtara (208)
  • University of Auckland City (232)
  • MAINZ (105)
  • University of Auckland Newmarket (143)
  • Unitec Mt Albert (231)
  • University of Auckland Grafton (236)

Given how big is the presentation, I’m only likely to scratch the top of data. To the total results.

Around two thirds of most students reach their campuses by not driving with unsurprisingly bus being the single biggest mode. If we’re able to get that sort of modeshare across most of Auckland then road congestion will be virtually non-existent.

You can easily see how it has changed during the last two surveys then. It’s not yet determined why the active modes have fallen entirely.

The various campuses have already been split into among three categories predicated on where they&rsquo up;re located.

  • CBD – University of Auckland – City, AUT – City, MAINZ
  • CBD fringe campuses – University of Auckland – Grafton, University of Auckland – Newmarket
  • Non-CBD campuses – AUT – Akoranga, AUT – South, Massey – Albany, Unitec – Mt Albert, MIT – Manukau, MIT – Ōtara

As you’d expect, PT utilize the highest the populous city and drops as you have further out.

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For those interested, there are a few specific graphs on mode use by campus.

Another fascinating insight is when students are travelling and that those attending campuses further from the town have a tendency to travel in the peak more.

I wonder that’s related partly to PT frequencies not supporting non-city travel aswell. Another relevant question asks concerning the simple taking PT so when you’d expect, that declines the further from the populous city you obtain with Massey’s Albany campus rating the worst.

When asked for ideas for improvements to PT, more frequent services will be the most significant &ndash clearly; because they are generally in most surveys.

As mentioned, you will find a complete many more information in the report and the presentation but there’s some interesting insights included.

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