B razil photographers shot covering police actions

This posting is an important update by the Committee to protect journalists and the freedom of the press worldwide:

Two B razil photographers were shot while addressing a February 23, 2017, conflict between police and civilians within a region of Sã o Paulo notorious for its high concentration associated with drug sales and use, based on the photographers and the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (ABRAJI).

“Photojournalists Carlos Gildá rio Lima sobre Oliveira and Marcelo Carneiro de uma Silva were hit by principal points this Thursday [Feb 23, 2017] during the Nova Luz Operation performed by military police in the center of Sã o Paulo, ” ABRAJI mentioned in a statement.

Oliveira was hit in the leg plus spent a day in hospital yet da Silva was saved through serious injury because the bullet strike the mobile phone in the pocket of his denims , the two men said within separate Facebook posts.

“I went to shoot a picture involving a lieutenant and some lovers, ” Oliveira, who is now recuperating safely at home, told the Panel to Protect Journalists by phone. “When it ended, I went to picture the addicts and I felt the particular impact in my leg. ”

“The bullet entered slightly below my buttocks and came out front side of the thigh. It’s impossible to know in which the bullet came from. ”

Police said they did not fireplace live ammunition to disperse the protest that involved some three hundred people throwing stones and other items at them.

“An investigation is under way to recognize those responsible for the shots, inch police said in a statement delivered to CPJ.

Oliveira, fouthy-six, told CPJ he works as a freelance writer for the Anadolu, Zuma and AE news agencies. Da Silva can be represented by the Frame Photo company.

The incident happened in Cracolâ ndia, a community in central Sã o Paulo that gets its name through the large number of drug addicts who congregate or even live on the streets there.

Reports mentioned the arrest associated with two men provoked a response through civilians in the area, who threatened close by firefighters. Officers called for reinforcements as well as the confrontation escalated.

Law enforcement fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and percussion grenades to distribute the crowds, and at least 5 officers were hurt, according to push reports. The number of civilians who were harm is unknown.

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