B1,000 fine on late traffic fine payment opposed

B1,000 fine on late traffic fine payment opposed

A man pays a fine to traffic police at a police station. (Bangkok Post file photo)

A majority of people disagree with the 1,000-baht surcharge police recently imposed on traffic fine payments later than seven days, an opinion survey has found.

The National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) found that from its opinion survey on 1,250 people during March 29-31.

Of the respondents, 65.28% disagreed with the 1,000-baht extra charge imposed in February, saying the seven-day window was too short. They reasoned people might find out they had been issued tickets at a later date, the tickets that police attached to windshields could be accidentally lost or they may not be near the places where payments can readily be made, according to the findings released on Sunday.

Some of them suggested the police give a warning before imposing the extra fine and add fine payments channels.

Other respondents who disagreed with the measure said the additional fine had impacts on low-income earners and the seven-day period should be extended.

Of the total, 31.44% supported the extra fine, saying it would improve discipline among motorists and the effectiveness of law enforcement.

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