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Balancing work, travel and schoolwork

We’re gonna do a little hypothetical here; it’s Sunday and you’re in Florida for work and you have a quiz due at midnight. You get done work around five and your flight is scheduled to board around 7:30, you’ll land around 10 o’clock and everything should be all right (because the drive back won’t take too long). You budgeted your time out, you should be ‘a-okay’ but then your flight gets delayed to board around 9:45 instead and everything is no longer okay.

That was my stressful/eventful weekend in the beginning of March 2019 and it was not a swell time. Balancing multiple things at once is something that a lot of college students already partake in. For an example, a lot of students work small jobs while they’re in school, some travel into the city for internships and some have relationships that they maintain while being a student. Typically it’s rather difficult to balance a wide variety of tasks but it can get even more difficult when more is added on.

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Since the last summer I’ve been doing freelance/contract work for a couple different event-hosting companies, doing things like vending, live streaming and acting as a ‘judge’ for various card game events. It’s allowed me to travel around the East Coast and get some really interesting experience under my belt. Having worked in places such as Atlantic City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Orlando and some more means that for places outside of a two-hour drive, I have to make plans about how to handle my schoolwork.

This is typically done by writing out on a calendar all of the assignments that are due that weekend (or assignments that need to be worked on in general) and blocking out on a whiteboard the priority that each assignment needs. I’ll typically assign certain things to particular days in order to attain a matter of consistency in order to reduce time spent on future ‘blockings.’ Journalism pieces are written by Tuesday, uploaded on Wednesday. My social media homework and projects are done on Wednesdays after class and this process continues for each class with pertinent homework.

This helps alleviate the stress that comes with having to catch a plane to Atlanta during the middle of a grueling semester. There’s a lot of other things that can cause a lot of stress when trying to balance school work and homework. You can’t really control whether or not your flight gets delayed and you can’t really shorten a 10-hour drive. So you have to think proactively and send an email or two ahead to your teachers. Handle the things you can control and just accept that sometimes things happen.