Bangkok, Thailand for Travel

Bangkok, Thailand for Travel


Bangkok is truly a Thailand’s capital, City is home to best of everything whether to say historical sites, beautiful religious shrines, vibrant nightlife or great food. City is known for its vibrant culture and diverse offerings making it a most popular tourist destination of the world. Bangkok is a city which never sleeps and is flooded with exciting things to see and do. As Bangkok is one of the most visited cities of world it is jam packed with visitors all year around it is advised to plan and make bookings for your Bangkok, Thailand trip in advance to avoid last minute troubles, high prices and compromises with choice. I got my car rental Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and a cosy home stay in advance to avoid on the spot bookings and enjoy my hassle free trip. Talking about food, Bangkok is known for its outstanding food worldwide. Seafood in Thailand is something to die for. Rich in quality, very fresh and huge variety of seafood is sold and served in Bangkok from street vendors to five star restaurants. Some of the best seafood restaurants are shortlisted here.


Bangkok View restaurant offers sea treat not only to tongue but to eyes too. It gives an entire sea experience and can be reached by 15 minutes boat ride. Restaurant features a large menu of seafood dishes and most preferred ones includes crabs, prawns, clams and many more. Guests enjoy their delicious seafood along with enjoying the spectacular seaside scenery.


Chinatown is heaven of seafood with hundreds of street side vendors, and small shops selling huge variety of seafood. You can experience the most authentic, traditional and yummy meal at any one of the huge number of seafood stalls. Chinatown offers some of the best seafood in Bangkok. It is quiet crowded but worth more a stroll and meal.


First opened in 1969, Somboon Seafood restaurant is one of the most popular seafood restaurants of Bangkok. It is located in Samyan and at seven other locations. The long menu offers seafood dishes served in various portions. Must try dishes includes grilled prawns, crab Balls and Curry Crab.

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