BBB advises consumers to be aware of
        possible travel scams

BBB advises consumers to be aware of possible travel scams

Summer is here, which means it’s time for that vacation getaway. Whether you are heading just a couple of hours away or going overseas, the Better Business Bureau advises that you plan ahead to avoid possible travel scams.

n Social media. Be cautious of what information you put on social media. If you post your travel dates or pictures of your vacation destination, you may be letting thieves know you are out of town.

n Public Wi-Fi. Don’t access personal information while surfing on public Wi-Fi. Remember that public networks are less secure and scammers may use these networks to steal your information.

n Hotels, flights and tickets. If you are purchasing hotels, flights, car rentals, tickets or anything else in advance through a website, be sure you are dealing with a real site. Fake websites can pop up and offer you a low price, but take your money or your personal information.

n Written information. Be sure to get all the details ahead of time and in writing. Confirm things such as the total cost, restrictions, refund and cancellation policies.

n Payment methods. Use your credit card whenever possible instead of your debit card. Most credit cards offer protection in case you need to dispute charges. If you are going out of the country, notify your card company in advance.

n Check Before you give any money, check out the company at first to make sure you are dealing with a reputable business.

For more tips, go to or call (800) 388-2222. n


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