BeefCoin Launched ICO to Expand Production of Organic Beef From Farm to Table

BeefCoin Launched ICO to Expand Production of Organic Beef From Farm to Table

MOSCOW, January 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

BeefCoin, a joint venture between Moscow based restaurant chain Meat Desire and farm operator Melbard LLC launched the sale of their token (BEEF) on Jan. 1.

These two organizations integrated their existing operations to establish a structure of production and delivery of organic beef from field to restaurant and expand already existing organic beef business.

Melbard LLC, a Moscow based private company that owns and operates an agricultural farm in the Penza region of Russia is partnering with Meat Desire, a restaurant chain based in Moscow that offers organic beef products.

The BeefCoin project wants to eliminate the intensive technologies used in beef farming and beef production by establishing an integrated structure from farm field to restaurant table, offering completely organic beef.

After the imposition of economic sanctions against Russia in 2014, Russian agriculture is experiencing a new renaissance with the growth of domestic producers.

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Restaurant business in Moscow is experiencing great growth, especially those with natural organic food.

BeefCoin, unlike most ICOs on the market today, benefits from an already established business infrastructure. Meat Desire, the restaurant chain through which the project aims to distribute organic beef products, already operates two restaurants in downtown Moscow, and also offers a butcher shop that makes organic beef products available for sale.

The Melbard LLC operates an agricultural farm that will deliver beef products to the Meat Desire restaurants, has 500 cows of the Aberdeen-Angus breed, and is built on 1,000 hectares of land with complete meat processing facility.

Proceeds from the sale of BEEF tokens will be used to open six additional Meat Desire locations in Moscow and expand the agricultural farm operated by Melbard LLC.

For more information about BeefCoin and the full terms and conditions of the Token Sale, visit

For more information, please contact: Nikolay Melbard, CEO at email: [email protected] or phone +7(495)-605-71-72

SOURCE Melbard LLC and Meat Desire