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Best AirPods cases: 50 cute, practical, and downright fun covers

That white case is like a blank canvas — protect your AirPods with one of these stylish, durable, or fun options and inject some personality into your favorite gadget.

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Best for fidgeters
ZenPod spinning case
Give your fidgety hands something to do.
$24.99 from Amazon
Best for a shiny finish
Super shiny metallic case
Shine on with one of four metallic colors.
$34 from Casememe
Best for the adventurer
Elago waterproof case
This case is waterproof, dust proof, and comes with a carabiner.

AirPods have been all the rage since they were released in 2016. Their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, as the second generation received our coveted Mashable Choice designation and they’re about to enter their third generation. Like many tech devices, AirPods require extra casing to keep them from breaking, getting scratched, or — heaven forbid — lost. You’re paying a decent chunk of change (up to $199 unless you find them on sale somehow) for a pair of earbuds, what’s a little more to keep them in mint condition? 

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You can get pretty creative with these earbuds, like disguising them as a case of floss or exploring various AirPods hacks and upgrades. Lately, we’ve seen a rash of cool cases on the market, which can take a variety of different forms: food, cartoon characters, fun color combos, and even interactive spinners. Whether you’re looking for something sleek, protective, or just one that matches your personality, there’s a case out there for you.

In most instances, AirPods cases are cheap enough that you can purchase multiple and swap them out depending on your mood or outfit. And honestly, is there any greater power move than matching your AirPods to your wardrobe?

We’ve sifted through a bunch of AirPods cases at retailers like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, and Casetify and are here to present you with 50 of the absolute best.  

Multiple color options

No keyring hook

The Bottom Line

This simple colorblocked case creates a minimalistic look for your AirPods.

This case is sweet and simplistic.

$12 from Urban Outfitters
Deciding on one color is for the birds. This colorblocked silicone AirPods case has a solid colored base and two interchangeable hinged lid covers. It’s available in four different colorways and adds a soft texture to your AirPods. The silicone will ease the fall if you happen to drop your earbuds. Unfortunately, this Elago case does not have any spot to hook a keychain, so you have to just carry your AirPods in your bag or pocket and hope you don’t lose them.

Cute and affordable

Selecting the style is a bit confusing

The Bottom Line

These six character cases are cute and durable.

Choose from six different characters.

$5.98 from Apollo Box
These adorable character cases add some cuteness and nostalgia to your AirPods, while also protecting them from dust and drops. Coat your pods in a silicone casing that looks like Mike Wazowski or Mickey Mouse. This case comes in six different characters and has a hook for you to attach a keychain or lanyard. 

Compatible with wireless chargers for AirPod 2

No keyring hook

The Bottom Line

These are sturdy cases from a trusted brand.

Mix and match with these neon sets of two.

$25 from Casetify
This silicone case from Casetify is durable and impact-resistant, keeping your precious AirPods safe from any drops or bumps. It also prevents scratches and nicks on the surface of your charging case. Not only does the case give a slim design; it also provides you with a sturdier grip. The neon case is available in five colorways for you to express your personal style and come in sets of two so you’re able to mix and match the base and lid covers for even more personality.

Has an attached spinner feature • Supports wireless charging

Reviewers noted some friction when spinning the case

The Bottom Line

This case is both fun and functional.

Give your fidgety hands something to do.

$24.99 from Amazon
With this ZenPod case, your AirPods will look sophisticated and classic, but they’re hiding a big dose of fun. The exterior leather and inner lining keep your earbuds safe from harm, but the best part of this case is the brush aluminum spinner on the outside. It’s a fidget spinner without being too in-your-face about it — you’d carry the case around regardless of the spinning feature, right? Casually spin your AirPods case between your fingers while you listen to your favorite jams to relieve any pent-up energy you have. (To read about more fidget spinner replacements, check out our full story.)

Lots of color options • Supports wireless charging

Some reviewers mentioned their product looked a bit cheap

The Bottom Line

Turn your AirPods into a cute accessory.

Add some personal style to your AirPods.

$12.99 from Amazon
Add some personality to your music listening with this fun and cute case. It features a faux fur puff ball and charm keychain and comes in tons of colors. This silicone cover is light and durable, protecting your AirPods from impact and scratches. It also comes with a strap to attach to the pods, so you don’t lose them or drop one never to be seen again. Plus, it will be pretty hard to lose track of a case this cute. 

More than just a molded case • Supports wireless charging

Some reviewers said the colors appeared differently in person, but honestly that’s to be expected when shopping online

The Bottom Line

This one convenient set has tons of accessories for your AirPods.

Get more than just a case with this bundle.

$13.99 from Amazon
You’re truly getting some bang for your buck with this 7-in-1 AirPod accessory kit. It comes with the standard molded case cover with a carabiner clip, but it also features includes two sets of silicone ear hooks, a magnetic AirPod strap, AirPod watch band holder, and a zipper travel case with an attached keychain to hold everything. It’s available in eight patterns, including the slightly retro daisy one pictured here.

Comes with a carabiner

A few reviewers complained about poor quality

The Bottom Line

This inexpensive case adds some fun to your AirPods.

What better way to show you love food than making your AirPods look like it?

$5.50 from Amazon
Take a bite out of life with this cute and tasty-looking hamburger case that’s super cheap. The silicone cover is super stylized to look like a burger and adds unique style to your bag or wherever you decide to clip it. Which you can do with ease, BTW, as the case comes with a sturdy carabiner. Feel safe knowing this case is shock resistant and dust and drop proof. It’s also available in other cartoon styles, such as a carton of fries.

Comes with multiple accessories • Supports wireless charging

You might have to wait for your preferred pattern to be in stock

The Bottom Line

This case is decked out with legitimate Swarovski crystals and includes additional accessories.

This pretty case features Swarovski crystals.

$12.99 from Amazon
This Kingxbar case is not made from silicone, but a hard PC material that is meant to protect your AirPods charging case from scratches, drops, and dents. The case is available in ten different patterns and each one is adorned with authorized Swarovski crystals, adding some sparkle to your earbuds. Kingxbar is offering more than just a pretty case though — this set also includes a magnetic strap to keep the AirPods together, a watchband holder, earhooks, and a detachable heart-shaped carabiner keychain. Plus just look how cute they are!

Supports wireless charging • Glows in the dark

No customer reviews yet to gauge quality

The Bottom Line

The glow-in-the-dark feature looks cool and allows you to find your AirPods in the dark.

No need to be afraid of the dark.

$8.99 from Amazon
You’ll be able to keep track of your AirPods even at night with this glow-in-the-dark case. It’s a clear white in the light, then glows green when everything goes dark. The bottom of the case covers the AirPods charging port to protect it when not in use, but flips open when you need to juice up. The silicone case protects from drops and scratches and is compatible with the wireless charging on AirPods 2, though the front LED charging light will be hidden. Hook this case onto your belt loop or bag with the included, removable carabiner. It also comes with an AirPods strap and earhooks.

Comes with AirPod strap

Key ring is kind of small

The Bottom Line

These vintage-looking cases are a film photographer’s dream.

Go retro with a throwback Kodak case.

$20 from Urban Outfitters
Channel your inner photographer with these vintage-inspired Kodak AirPods cases at Urban Outfitters, available in black, yellow, and white. The slim silicone case has a removable key ring in a complementary color depending on which design you select. This case also includes a strap to ensure your earbuds stick together. It also allows you to take one pod out of your ear without having to hold it in your hand.

Genuine leather • Stylish

More of an accessory than a protector • Pricey

The Bottom Line

This leather pouch is a unique way to store and carry AirPods.

Chic and practical.

$48 from Bandolier
OK, this carrying case is for the truly stylish. It’s made of genuine pebbled leather (hence the price) and features pewter tone snap details. Place it around your neck, over your shoulder, or across your body with the 19-inch strap. The snapback cover gives you easy access to your AirPods. Unlike a molded case, this pouch is more for style than protection, though the strap will likely prevent you from dropping your AirPods.

Cute and durable

The attached charm seems more inconvenient than useful

The Bottom Line

If you are a fan of bubble tea, you need this adorable case.

Both cute and sturdy, this case will add some fun to your AirPods.

$10.98 from Trends E-Zone
You might not be able to afford to get a bubble tea every single day, but you can afford to buy an AirPods case in the shape of bubble tea. It’s the next best thing, right? This cute 3D case comes in four colors to satisfy your cravings. It’s both adorable and sturdy, and it will add some fun to your plain, white AirPods. The case also has an attached bubble tea charm that you can attach elsewhere if you desire.

Soft, gentle interior with hard, durable exterior

Your preferred style might not be in stock

The Bottom Line

Your AirPods will look refined in one of these classic marble cases.

Choose from five marble and two floral patterns.

$9.99 from Amazon
For a classic, sophisticated look, grab one of these marble style cases. The hard, shiny PC exterior keeps your AirPods protected from bumps and drops and is shock resistant and dust proof. The silicone interior slides onto your AirPods case easily without scratching it. This case comes in five different marble patterns as well as two floral options. (Bonus points if you match it to your laptop case.)

Supports wireless charging • Looks the same in person

A bit bulky

The Bottom Line

This is a necessity if you’re a Pokémon fan.

Gotta catch ’em all.

$10.99 from Amazon
If you’ve gotta catch ’em all, this Pikachu case is the one for you. Made from a durable silicone that is both shock proof and drop proof, this case won’t scratch your pre-existing AirPod charging case or become deformed with time. The case comes with a carabiner for you to clip it to your bag or belt loops so you can display your adorable Pikachu to the world.

Multiple styles to choose from

Low stock on some colorways

The Bottom Line

The clear case allows for subtle pops of color.

Add some flavor with a fruit-inspired clear case.

$9.99 from Amazon
Give your AirPods a fresh, summery feel with these fruit-inspired cases. You have 11 different designs to choose from, including oranges, strawberries, lemons, and banana leaves, all of which are super cute. The clear cases are made from durable PC and are shock and drop proof, while the silicone interior keeps your AirPods charging case safe from scratches.

Comes with a carabiner • Supports wireless charging

Only one color option

The Bottom Line

This case is simplistic without compromising a fun design.

Breakfast is always a good idea.

$16.99 from Amazon
Do you obsessively watch egg yolk popping videos? Or did you relate to Ron Swanson when he said, “Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”? If so, you’ve got to get this sunny side up egg case for your AirPods. The silicone case is durable and protective and super easy to put on and take off. The bottom of the case features a flap to cover the charging port and protect it from dust, plus the case features a hook and comes with a carabiner so you can easily clip it onto your bag.

Supports wireless charging

Attached charm does not act as a hook or clip

The Bottom Line

This is great if you’re into fun, stylized casing.

Travel back in time with this vintage-inspired case.

$12.99 from Amazon
Throw it all the way back with a vintage-looking silicone phone encasing your AirPods. This shell has good shock absorption, making it impact proof as well as drop proof while protecting your charging case from bumps, dents, and scratches. The vivid color and fun design gives you serious 2000s vibes and the case has a hook for attaching a keychain and actually comes with a charm meant for holding onto the case.

Multiple colors • Supports wireless charging

Hinge sticks out a bit

The Bottom Line

As an Amazon’s Choice product, this case is a solid choice.

Select from 12 colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option.

$8.99 from Amazon
Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. These solid colored cases are an Amazon’s Choice product and available in 12 different colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option. They are shock resistant and protect from scratches and impact, plus like many others on the list they also have a spot to attach a keychain. Speaking of which, the cases come with a keychain and carabiner for easy attachment. As far as AirPods cases go, this one is simble, but very functional.

Lots of extras

No reviews to gauge product quality

The Bottom Line

This case doubles as a fun accessory.

Looks fancy, but the price is still cheap.

$10.99 from Amazon
Simplicity is beautiful sometimes, but other times you want to accessorize to the nines. This case lets you do that. It’s decked out with a hook, keychain charm, puff ball, and tassel. Easily connect the case to straps and zippers for a cute addition to your purse or backpack. Available in nine color combinations, each is unique in color and charm. Underneath all of the frill is a durable silicone case that protects against scratches and impact.

Supports wireless charging • Comes with a carabiner

Only available in one color

The Bottom Line

This detailed case is fun and protective.

You can’t watch Netflix on this mini TV, but you can protect your AirPods.

$12.99 from Amazon
Turn up the volume, this retro TV case is screaming to be chosen. Complete with little dials and buttons, the case is channeling (no pun intended) some serious nostalgia for the days of Lassie and Leave it to Beaver. It’s made from a soft silicone material that protects your AirPods from shock, bumps, dents, and scratches. It fits your charging case like a glove and is easy to put on and take off. The case features a hook for a keychain and comes with a carabiner.

Officially licensed • Supports wireless charging

Only select Avengers

The Bottom Line

If you see your favorite Avenger on this list, go put this case in your cart right now.

These cases won’t give your super powers, but they will look super cool.

$14.95 from Amazon
Thanos can’t snap away your style when you cover your AirPods in one of these officially-licensed Marvel Avengers cases. They’re engineered from premium elastomers for a smooth and dust resistant finish. Each case weighs less than an ounce, so they won’t weigh you down, but will protect against bumps and scratches. Choose your favorite hero to keep your AirPods safe; cases include options for fans of Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

Supports wireless charging • Two style options

No customer reviews to gauge product quality • Charm does not have a hook feature

The Bottom Line

These cases are just the right amount of cute without being over the top.

Show off your love for animals.

$8.98 from Amazon
You’re totally a cat person and you’re not afraid to show it. Display your feline love loud and proud by wrapping your AirPods in a silicone case resembling a cat. Or maybe pigs are more your thing? Great! That’s totally an option too. Both the black cat case or the pink pig one are made from soft yet durable material that protects against external pollution, scratches, drops, and shocks. They each feature a hook and come with a keychain loop.

Included keychain • Dust plug • Multiple color options

No choice in metal finish

The Bottom Line

This case adds some subtle sparkle to the plain white AirPods.

This crystal-inspired case exudes good vibes.

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$9.85 from Amazon
Show off your sparkle with this glittery case. Designed to look like crystal, these cases can help you channel some good vibes. The silicone casing is soft but durable and won’t deform after time. Your AirPods will be protected from pressure, dust, shock, and moisture. This case features a dust plug to cover the AirPods charging port, keeping it clear of dust and grime and there’s also an attached keychain for convenient carrying.

Supports wireless charging

Included keychain does not have a hook feature

The Bottom Line

This case lets people know how much you love your favorite snack.

Grab the popcorn and put on your favorite tunes.

$12.99 from Amazon
Feel like you’re at the movies all the time when you carry around your AirPods encased in this rubber cover made to look like popcorn. This cute case is good enough to eat and it’s shock and drop proof. It also protects from bumps and scratches. This popcorn case also features a smaller popcorn keychain meant to make carrying easier.

Multiple color options

No hook feature on the keychain

The Bottom Line

This ice cream case is super cute and protective.

Sweeten up your AirPods.

$12.88 from Amazon
Ice cream is the perfect summer treat for you and your AirPods. This silicone case makes your earbuds look like a delicious, creamy cone of ice cream goodness. But it doesn’t just look great, it also protects your AirPods from scratches and drops. This case is available in six colorways and includes a loop charm to make transporting your music easier.

Supports wireless charging

No hook for keychains

The Bottom Line

These simplistic designs add just the right amount of pop to your AirPods.

Orange you glad this case exists?

$34 from Casememe
Add a fresh bite to your jams by protecting your AirPods with one of three hard cover cases decorated with oranges. You can choose from a white, beige, or blue background color that makes the orange pop in different ways. The hard plastic cases protect from scratches and impact. Whether you have the older version of AirPods or the new, this case is compatible — and it supports wireless charging.

Inside matches exterior casing • Multiple color options

No keychain hook

The Bottom Line

Your AirPods will have an all-over metallic look.

Shine on with one of four metallic colors.

$34 from Casememe
You know that feeling when your car is so clean, you can see your reflection in its paint? This shiny metallic AirPods case is like that all the time. It comes in red, gold, silver, and dark gray, all with beautiful sheen to make your AirPods glow. The outside is made of a durable plastic that protects from drops and scratches and you can even match the inside of the AirPods charging case to the outside — which isn’t a feature with many cases.

Attention to detail • Multiple color options

No hook option on keychain

The Bottom Line

This case sincerely looks like luggage and does a nice job protecting its cargo.

Get ready for an adventure.

$32 from Casememe
Tired: a suitcase for your clothes. Wired: a suitcase for your AirPods. Your earbuds will be ready to travel the world encased in this silicone luggage. The case has thick rubber corners that protect your AirPods charging case from breaking after drops and bumps. The material also makes the case shock-resistant and prevents scratches on the surface of the charging case. This little luggage comes with an attached keychain charm for transportation.

Attached clasp

Charms are not easily removable

The Bottom Line

These cases are both cute and functional.

Eat this up.

$34 from Casememe
For a more subtle ode to ice cream, slip this charm case around your pods. Available in two colorways, you can select your preferred treat: an ice cream cone adorning a beige case or an ice pop attached to a deep brown cover. In addition to the sweet treats, these cases feature lobster claw clasps so that you can attach them to your bags, pants, or wherever you want, making them easy to transport.

Personalized font and color options

Not much to complain about here

The Bottom Line

Engrave a personalized message or your name into a color of your choosing.

Let people know whose AirPods they’re dealing with.

$24.80 from Etsy
Nothing says, “these are my AirPods, hands off” like engraving your name into their case. This PU leather case is available in four colors and you have the choice of five fonts in which to have your name engraved. You even have the option to engrave a logo if you reach out to the Etsy shop owner. Not only is this case super personalized, it’s also protective. You don’t have to worry about scratches, dirt, shocks, or other daily damages.

Attention to detail

Key charm does not feature a hook option

The Bottom Line

If you spent your childhood playing a Game Boy, it makes sense to spend your adulthood protecting your AirPods with one.

This case is giving us serious ’90s nostalgia.

$32 from Casememe
Feel like a kid again with this Game Boy inspired silicone case from Casememe. It resembles the handheld gaming system on a miniature scale and features all the buttons and everything. Take your pick between seven colors, each with a loop key charm that features an even tinier Game Boy design. This fun throwback will protect your AirPods from drops, shocks, and scratches.

Subtle, yet recognizable design

The Bottom Line

Get the feeling of Super Mario Bros. without being too in-your-face.

Who will you choose: Mario or Luigi?

$32 from Casememe
It’s a me, your AirPods telling you to get this Mario inspired case. If you love Mario and Luigi, then you’ll love having a silicone case that looks like their outfits. Plus, the case is thick to protect from drops and scratches. It comes with a charm that resembles the case itself with a finger-sized hole in the center that allows you to easily carry your AirPods. This case might cost you a few gold coins, but it’s worth it.

Delicate print

Design doesn’t cover entire case

The Bottom Line

Art buffs will want to get their hands on this case.

Show your sophisticated side.

$34 from Casememe
Who says you have to go to a museum to enjoy beautiful art? Really, you can just reach into your pocket and whip out this Monet-inspired AirPods case. The blue floral cover is made from silicone and is shock proof while keeping your AirPods and charging case safe from drops, bumps, and scratches. Can a real painting do that?

Clasp and strap attachments

AirPods connecting strap featured in photo is not available to add on

The Bottom Line

A case that’s photogenic and functional? Yes please.

Grab your friends and snap a pic of this adorable case.

$34 from Casememe
Though this case can’t actually take photos, you’ll totally want to capture pics of it to post to your Instagram story. It’s shaped like a vintage camera and molds perfectly to your AirPods charging case to protect it from drops and scratches, as well as prevent any sort of shocking. Available in four colors, this case comes with a key ring, clasp, and wristlet strap — so good luck losing it.

Waterproof • Includes carabiner • Supports wireless charging

Have to peel back casing to access AirPods

The Bottom Line

Your AirPods will be seriously protected in this case.

Protect your AirPods from more than just dust.

$9.99 from Amazon
Lots of cases protect against dust and drops, but not many can hold back water damage. But this silicone skin from Camyse can do it all — it completely covers any openings on the AirPods charging case and can withstand a meter of water for an hour with no leaks. Just because the case totally covers the earbuds doesn’t mean you have to take it off for charging though — there’s a built-in dust plug that gives you access to the charging port.

Loop for key ring attachment • Cute patterns

Printing doesn’t look the most high quality

The Bottom Line

This case offers a nice selection of prints to adorn your AirPods.

Seven different patterns to fulfill your artsy desires.

$8.59 from Walmart
Galaxies, art, and music — oh my! That’s what you’ll find printed on this silicone case at Walmart. It comes in seven different patterns from paint splatters to music notes. The material is stretchy, but fits snugly to keep your AirPods charging case scuff and scratch free. It also protects from dirt, drops, and shock.

Key ring loop • Bundle options

Lid and base might not line up exactly

The Bottom Line

This cute case will tug at your heartstrings.

Sing your heart out.

$19.99 from Narce Cases
You might not want to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can totally wear it on an AirPods case. This cute, yet simple case is shock resistant and protects agains drops and scratches. You have the choice between four colors and even have the option to buy bundle packs that reduce the individual unit price. This case has a built-in loop to attach a key ring or carabiner.

Keeps charging case from falling out or open

No spot for key ring

The Bottom Line

Your AirPods will feel secure and lightweight.

Your AirPods charging case will stay securely shut in this molded case.

$19.99 from Best Buy
Your AirPods charging case may be getting a bit worn out and not latching shut the way it should, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing. You can just wrap it in this flexible molded skin, which covers the opening of the case. It will keep your AirPods securely in their place and protect them from any dirt, drops, or scratches. It’s available in three solid colors as well as a tie-dye pattern, which is shown here.

Detachable IKEA bag coin purse • Two color choices

Bulky design altogether

The Bottom Line

Get this case for the novelty and functionality.

Calling all IKEA customers.

$34 from Casememe
If you find yourself wandering the aisles and eating meatballs at IKEA regularly, bring your obsession with you by way of this coin purse AirPods case. The yellow and blue cases come attached with a mini IKEA bag that actually functions, but is totally detachable if you don’t want it in the way. Because the coin purse is detachable, you are able to replace it with a key ring if you want a way to clip your case to your bag or pants.

Snap closure • Stylish look

No versatility in carrying modes

The Bottom Line

Channel your inner dad by carrying AirPods around on your belt.

Broke: dads with phone belt clips. Woke: this AirPods belt pouch.

$27 from Etsy
You wear your AirPods wherever you go — why not turn them into a true statement even when they’re not in use? This little pouch has an attached loop that slides over your belt to stay conveniently in place for easy access to your earbuds. The pouch is made from synthetic leather and features a felt interior to keep your charging case free of scratches and dust. For added protection, the pouch closes with a metal snap.

Handmade and unique

Not easy to clean

The Bottom Line

This non-slip, crocheted pineapple gives your AirPods a fun, handcrafted look.

Just like Nana used to make.

$33.99 from Etsy
Unlike most of the other options on this list, this pineapple case is made of yarn rather than silicone or plastic. It’s handmade, so each one is individual and might have slight variations. You might be thinking that a soft, crocheted case will slide around over the smooth plastic of an AirPods charging case, but don’t fret: This case has a non-slip coating to keep it in place.

Includes wrist strap • Multiple color options

Can only include four letters

The Bottom Line

Give yourself a sleek and personalized look.

This is personal.

$29 from Etsy
Personal expression comes in many forms, one of which can be the way you carry your AirPods. A customizable leather pouch is a great way to put some personality into something that so many other people also have. With this case, you have authority over choosing your desired color from 12 different leathers as well as the letters you want burned into the surface (up to four). A hole for charging port access does not come standard, but you can request one in the seller notes at checkout.

Waterproof • Includes key ring and carabiner

Not much to complain about here

The Bottom Line

No matter the occasion, this case will be ready to roll.

This case is waterproof, dust proof, and comes with a carabiner.

See Details
Elago is here to equip your AirPods for any adventure with its waterproof active case, which can withstand a meter of water. The functional design allows you to both protect and access the AirPods without removing the case — simply fold down to open the charging case and open the bottom plug for charging. This case includes an aluminum carabiner, letting you attach it to you while you’re hiking, climbing, or whatever adventure you’re embarking on next.

Supports wireless charging • Includes carabiner

Not dust proof

The Bottom Line

Choose this for a modern touch.

For an analog person in a digital world.

$19.99 from Elago
With a similar style to the Etsy personalized leather case, this pouch from Elago is made from natural cowhide leather and covers the AirPods charging case like an envelope. This case features a key ring loop and comes with a brass carabiner, which won’t rust or lose color over time. A charging port cutout is standard on this case, giving you easy access to juice up your pods. The case also supports wireless charging, though the front LED is not visible.

Non-slip stickers included • Multiple color options

Not easy to clean

The Bottom Line

This knitted case will transform your AirPods into a cute, protective teddy bear.

You’ll want to snuggle your AirPods.

$29 from Etsy
You’re probably too old to be carrying around a stuffed teddy bear, but you’re not too old to make your AirPods look like one. This knitted case gives your earbuds the appearance of a snuggly little bear, complete with ears and a puff ball tail on the backside. The case comes with non-slip stickers to keep it in place on your AirPods and it’ll protects from impact and scratches. It also includes a slot to access the charging port.

Silicone case included • Key ring loop

Hard to clean

The Bottom Line

Not only does this case provide some comedic relief, it’s also super protective.

Keep a whole Thanksgiving dinner in your pocket.

$32 from Etsy
It’s starting to feel like Thanksgiving in here — oh wait, that’s just this amazing crocheted turkey case. This baby is handmade and comes with a silicone case to really protect your AirPods and give some traction to help the yarn stay put over the charging case. Bonus: There’s an extra knitted loop to attach a key ring and you have the option to get initials knitted into the back of the case. The only way this could get better is a side of mashed potatoes.

Includes key ring and charms

Clasp is too small to attach to thick straps

The Bottom Line

This case takes on the appearance of a cute strawberry with some added flair.

A sweet treat for your AirPods.

$34 from Casememe
Sink your teeth into this juicy strawberry case. OK, don’t actually do that, but doesn’t it look good enough to eat? The soft silicone shell wraps around your AirPods charging case to keep it and its contents free from dust and protected from drops and shock. This sweet case includes a keychain with charms and a clasp, for added style and functionality. 

Includes key ring and wrist strap • Multiple color options

Keychain is a bit bulky

The Bottom Line

A glittery case and keychain set is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your life.

Never leave home without it.

$16.99 from Amazon
This is more of a keychain with a side of AirPods case — it includes a wrist strap, glittery sphere keychain, and key ring loop. Ditch your old lanyard and hook your keys onto this eye-catching bundle of sparkles —even the silicone AirPods case is infused with glitter. Charging your earbuds is a breeze with easy access to the charging port.

Attached carabiner • Supports wireless charging

One review noted difficulty removing the case

The Bottom Line

Simple and effective, just the way we like it.

Here for your minimalistic needs.

$12.90 from Amazon
Some of these cases can get pretty flashy, but sometimes you just want something simple that still has some design to it. Enter this pebble textured checkered case. With this around your AirPods charging case, you won’t have to worry about scratches, dirt, shock, or other daily damages. There’s a detachable carabiner clip on the back of the case for convenient carrying.

Loop for key ring

Bulky • No clasp

The Bottom Line

Secure your AirPods while also giving them a sultry feel.

Pucker up.

$36 from Casememe
We’re sealing this roundup with a kiss — this red lips AirPods case to be more specific. It looks just like a puckering set of lips and protects against drops, dust, and scratches. It features a loop charm to hold or attach to another key ring as well as an opening for access to the charging port.