Best Destinations for Vacation with a Beloved One in the Autumn

Best Destinations for Vacation with a Beloved One in the Autumn

The Best Destinations for Vacation with a Beloved One in the Autumn

When the autumn melancholy comes, people always begin to look at the warm photos from the holidays and reminisce about sunny happy days. Moreover, another natural desire is to buy tickets and fly off again to rest! If you already start thinking about where to go in October-November with your beloved one, the best directions for your soul (and for your pocket) are presented below. For the most part, these are, of course, warm countries by the sea or the ocean, because people do not have enough sun in the autumn. You may take one of those beautiful Russian women for dating with you to get the best of your vacation!

Israel: Tel Aviv.

Israel is perfect in the autumn because the terrible heat goes down and there are only a pleasant breeze and the opportunity to spend outside all your free time. Tel Aviv combines all aspects of a pleasant holiday: warm sea and good beaches, urban infrastructure and therefore a huge number of cozy restaurants with delicious food, as well as an opportunity to get to know the historical part of Israel – Jaffa.

The Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands still have not become a popular destination for many tourists for some reason. However, this place has a stunning nature, which everyone will like! Somewhere you can find volcanic nature, and some islands are completely covered with greenery. In the autumn, the weather might not be hot enough for a beach holiday every day, so this is an excellent opportunity to explore backwards and forwards all the islands of the archipelago.


Portugal: Lisbon.

Lisbon is one of the warmest European capitals, and if you have always dreamed of visiting it, then do not let the dates on the calendar stop you. However, keep in mind that the weather in October can be rainy and not as hot as in the summer. Therefore, if you are planning a beach vacation, then you definitely do not need to take tickets here in the autumn. Nevertheless, Lisbon is highly recommended for those, who just want to get acquainted with this magical city and country.

Indonesia: Bali.

Of course, nobody can ignore Bali, speaking about the best destinations for vacation with a beloved person! The place, which is so popular among tourists around the world, must be visited at least once in life. You should better choose October for a trip there because the rainy season may begin in November and the ocean will be restless and that will not give you the opportunity to swim.

Palms on beach at island La Digue, Seychelles – vacation background


Seychelles is a heavenly place to travel with your soulmate. There are secluded islands, white beaches and clear water, which makes this place a mecca for diving lovers. The weather in the Seychelles is excellent in the autumn (although it does not vary very much the whole year), it is quite hot here and there is still no rain. You can stay on some big island, for example, Mahe, in a huge hotel or in a bungalow on one of the small coral islands.

Australia: Sydney.

Australia is certainly a dream for many! You should go there in order to visit the other hemisphere, to get acquainted with kangaroos and koalas that do not sit in the cages of the zoo, to see the unusual nature and eucalyptus, to look at the Sydney Opera and all the things you’ve seen in movies and pictures! There is the spring in Australia at this time of year, so you can see how nature blossoms. Besides, you will be able to spend time on the beach if you go there closer to November.

United Arab Emirates: Dubai.

Dubai is an absolutely unique city in a way. It defies the imagination with its skyscrapers in the middle of the desert, with artificial islands and generally with the imagination of local builders. This is an excellent option for a lazy and relaxing vacation with your beloved one.